News Makers

SCCS BASC is in the news!

Please check out the CTV news program that aired on Friday, February 26th. Mrs. Furutani and her students shared how invaluable the program is, how much fun the students find it, and how important this type of program is for families.

BASCClick on image to go to CTVNEWS.

Loved Mrs. Furutani’s comment: “well, we would just hire more staff!” when questioned what would happen if more families needed this service.

100th Year Anniversary

The Archdiocese of Winnipeg is committed to Proclaiming Christ Always

The Grades 3-5 students were blessed that Sr. Susan Wilkeem spent some time with them discussing the history of our Archdiocese. During the presentation she provided an overview of church structure and described the events that lead to the foundation of the new Archdiocese in 1915.

The Grades 6 and 7 students were equally blessed with a similar presentation by Msgr. Ward Jamieson, while the Grade 8 students were blessed with a presentation by Mr. Johnston Smith.

May20 In preparation for these sessions, the students were pleased to have had a preview PowerPoint presentation offered by our own Mrs. Narynski.

These presentations have been a terrific learning experience for the students. Throughout, they have been encouraged to apply their knowledge of Canadian history in a personal context as members of the Archdiocese. Having recently attended the Anniversary Mass at the MTS Center, many of the students have shared their pride in being part of such a historical and vibrant Archdiocese!

Coach Maurice

Good job! We’re proud of you!



Students prepare a card for Coach Maurice on the day after playoff game 4. They wanted to share their appreciation – it takes real courage to play hard and lose with dignity!

We’re so proud of his leadership and the team’s efforts. Go, Jets, go!

It Makes “Cents” to Visit!

BASC students visit the Canadian Mint for March in-service day.

On Friday, March 13th, the students boarded a bus and made the long trek to the East side of the city where they were scheduled for a tour of the Canadian Mint. The first thing they saw in the lobby was a REAL gold brick. It was 23 pounds, worth 1/4 million and had a guard with it at all times!

Gold Bar

Then, the students went into the factory/production area. They were excited to see how coins were made and even saw a special new quarter with a red  flag on it, being made that day!

CentsThe students loved the interpretive displays. There was a large 2012 (the year they discontinued making the cent coin) penny with a cut-out that was a great photo opp.

Another fun display was the one where they could lift bricks of the same size, butWeights different weights. The students took turns pulling the bars.

They were quite surprised at how light the concrete and wood bricks were in comparison to the heavy gold.

At the end of the tour, each student received a souvenir ,  a special commemorative toonie.


Grade 2 Friendship Celebration

Learning to be Friends “in” Jesus


The annual Grade 2 Friendship Celebration was held on October 22nd with students and families of the Grades 2 and 1-2 classes present. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Langlois coordinated the event which included songs, actions, and individual student prayers. The morning celebration concluded with crafts and refreshments in the cafeteria.