Read Olympics

… for I Love To Read Month

Love To ReadDuring the month of February, all students in St. Charles played a part in our Read Olympics! Each class was teamed up with 1 or 2 other classes to track how many minutes they could read at home throughout the month. The students had a great time watching their team’s points, recorded on our Read-O-Meter poster in the front entrance of the school, get higher and higher.  All students were reaching for the gold! It was a close call.  Congratulations to the Red Team, (Kindergarten A, Gr. 3-4, Gr. 5L), who never stopped reading!  Way to go students!  Students also had a chance to fill their reading log with entries to win a free Kids Meal at Boston Pizza! Enjoy!

Students alReading By Flashlightso enjoyed D.E.A.R – Drop Everything and Read.  Whether they were in Music, Gym or Science. they stopped what they were doing, grabbed a book and read for 10 minutes. Their favorite was FLASHLIGHT FRIDAYS. They would turn out the lights and read their book using their flashlights! What fun! Even the teachers played along!

St. Charles staff also had their pictures up by the office which showed them reading their favorite books.  Each picture only showed staff member’s eyes.  I hope you had a chance to figure out who was who!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

Bringing Joy to Others

One Note At a Time

The SCCS Violin Ambassadors completed a 2-day tour in Winnipeg during which they performed several full-length concerts, toured a violin-maker’s shop and experienced different cultures.

Group4Their 45 minute concert which included fiddle tunes, hymns and folk songs was performed at St. Boniface Hospital,Holy Family Nursing Home and Deer Lodge. At each venue, the students were excited that the audience members sang along with the familiar tunes, and tapped their toes in sheer joy. After all, the mission of the Violin Ambassadors is to “bring joy” to others. The grand finale for the concerts was when the students left the stage area and, as they played a tune, walked among the residents.

“Hi Dr. Penny, I would like to thank-you and the Violin Ambassadors for the wonderful concert.  The residents who attend were so delighted to see the students performing.  They had smiles on their face and were still humming the tunes as they were brought back to their units.  We were all happy to have the students perform for us.  They are welcomed back anytime.” Dulce Santos, Resident Care Standards and Allied Health Manager, Holy Family Nursing Home

The students had a great time chatting with Anton, a local luthier. Their visit to Anton’s Violin Shop on Portage answered many of their questions about how violins are made.

Group1And, of course, they had a great time eating at the East India Company buffet and DeLuca’s Pasta buffet!

Happy St. Charles’s Day!

A Feast and a Celebration

, the students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat

The students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, the school celebrated its Patron Saint, St. Charles Borromeo. This annual event is an opportunity for the school community to reflect, celebrate and grow together.

The day began with the entire school crossing the street to participate in a Mass. The celebrant was Fr. Paul, Pastor of St. Charles Parish, and the theme was “Celebrating our patron, Like St. Charles Borromeo – We Care For Each Other”. Mrs. Froystad called together the congregation with her opening remarks:

“Today is a great celebration for us—it is the feast of our patron, Saint Charles Borromeo.  In his biography we read, “Saint Charles thought only of caring for his people.  This great man was never too busy to help simple people…”  Our theme for today’s Mass, We Care for Each Other, expresses our desire to follow the example of our patron.  During this Eucharistic celebration, let us ask Jesus to help us always be kind and caring.”

Immediately, the church broke into song. The student choir, together with soloists Liisa and Alyssa, accompanied by the Violin Ambassadors and the music teachers, led those gathered in a powerful rendition of “The Summons”. The processional was a significant one, as it included all 18 of the school altar servers in Grades 3-5. Continue reading