Who Loves Sports and Fitness

… SCCS and TD Canada Trust Bank!

Thank you TD Canada Trust Bank Charleswood for your sports/fitness donation to SCCS

Thank you to the TD Canada Trust Bank in Charleswood!  We found out that the bank was going to be making a donation to our school to encourage participation in sports and to promote fitness.  St. Charles Catholic School was very lucky to be the recipient of this donation!  Thank you TD Canada Trust! We are truly grateful!  Mrs. Narynski along with three Gr. 4 students had the opportunity to visit the bank to accept this very generous donation. Aside from the wonderful photo opportunity, the students received gift bags filled with all sorts of goodies, and Mrs. Narynski was given some recycling bags to help with some of the school yard cleanup on Christian Service Day.  Just before we left the bank, we were treated with a visit to the vault!   The generous donation will go towards buying phys. ed. equipment.