There are Three ways to change the world…

with your words, with your deeds or with your prayers.

Every year, through consultation with parents, teachers, students and Board members, the  administration develops goals for the academic year. Aligned with our mission to address students in “mind, body and spirit”, these goals fall into three categories: academic, spiritual and behavioural.Preparing for the School Year

The school Goals for 2016-2017 are as follows:

  1. Students will experience and contribute to the “sense of sacred” at worship services.
  2. Teachers at SCCS will assess students with similar levels of rigor.
  3. Students will increase their spelling accuracy by 10% this year or spell at a rate of at least 90% accuracy.
  4. Students and teachers will continue with the same processes implemented for the Math Goal in 2015 –
  5. Students will consistently exhibit joy and mercy in their daily interactions.

Interim Report for the Annual School Goals

This year, the school goals for St. Charles Catholic School revolve around the theme of “power”.Goals

They are:

Goal 1 – “Power of Prayer” – The goal this year is for every person in our school to experience first-hand the power of prayer. We will learn to pray together and for one another as a caring community. We will know we are successful in this objective if all members of our community experience a higher than usual level of joy-full-ness.

Goal 2 – “Power of 10” – We believe that the ability to demonstrate automaticity in math is fundamental. Our goal this year is that every student increase his/her automaticity skills in math by 10% and that every student demonstrates automaticity at or above grade level. To this end, the math teachers will be using a supplementary math program titled “the Power of 10”.

Goal 3 – “Power of Excellence in Writing” – For almost two decades the students at SCCS have been using a writing program called Excellence in Writing. Our goal this year is that through efficient implementation of the program every student increases his/her abilities in writing by 10% or more.

The staff have been collecting data in the classroom, and surveys were conducted of parents and staff. The results are as follows:

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