Time Travelers

… our field trip to the Manitoba Museum

On November 21st the grades 1, 1-2 and 2 classes went to the Manitoba Museum. We had an amazing time!

In the morning, the grade 2s watched a few experiments about solids, liquids and gases. They also got to explore around the Science Gallery. All the students seemed to especially enjoy the pulley chairs and the matrix room. After lunch, the grade 2s split into smaller groups to explore the museum. They saw dinosaur fossils and imagined what life in Manitoba would have been like long ago. The “Nonsuch” boat seemed to be everyone’s favourite! After their own exploring they met with the museum guides. The students learned that Winnipeg has grown and changed over time as they helped build a map of our community. They explored different community groups and identified the resources and services that were available to them.  Afterwards they got a guided tour of Winnipeg from 100 years ago as they walked through the Urban Gallery. The students seemed to love it, especially the Silent Movie theatre. It was super fun to imagine what life would have been like long ago.

The grades 1 and 1-2 classes also explored the Science gallery and the Museum. They used all five senses in their science demonstration, and even got to taste homemade ice cream made with liquid nitrogen! These classes also learned about the basic needs of all people by exploring different homes, and family communities in the Museum Galleries. Students touched and tried on various clothing items from around the world such as a kimono, kilt, sari and poncho to understand similarities and differences among people all over the world.

The museum field trip was a big hit for students and staff alike. Everyone had a great time and learned a little something along the way.