It Makes “Cents” to Visit!

BASC students visit the Canadian Mint for March in-service day.

On Friday, March 13th, the students boarded a bus and made the long trek to the East side of the city where they were scheduled for a tour of the Canadian Mint. The first thing they saw in the lobby was a REAL gold brick. It was 23 pounds, worth 1/4 million and had a guard with it at all times!

Gold Bar

Then, the students went into the factory/production area. They were excited to see how coins were made and even saw a special new quarter with a red  flag on it, being made that day!

CentsThe students loved the interpretive displays. There was a large 2012 (the year they discontinued making the cent coin) penny with a cut-out that was a great photo opp.

Another fun display was the one where they could lift bricks of the same size, butWeights different weights. The students took turns pulling the bars.

They were quite surprised at how light the concrete and wood bricks were in comparison to the heavy gold.

At the end of the tour, each student received a souvenir ,  a special commemorative toonie.