Jesus, my new BFF

The Grade 2 classes joined together to celebrate friendship. But not just any friendship! Each child was asked to reflect specifically on the statement “Jesus is my friend because_______”.

Each child wrote his/her response and the documents were posted on the front bulletin boards. When all was ready, the students and their teachers invited all the parents to join them for a special prayer service. Together they sang, shared and prayed. All left the ceremony with a renewed sense of Jesus as Friend, the center of a community of friends.

Grade 2 Friendship Celebration

The gathering relocated to the cafeteria where friendship bracelets were made, snacks shared and great conversations had.

Hustle and Hit

… and Never Quit

Congratulations to the Chargers who participated in the annual MCSAA Badminton tournament.


The SCCS Badminton Team competed during the last week of April in singles, doubles and mixed doubles tournaments at host schools across Winnipeg. Each team had some success, especially our Grade 7 Boys Singles, Grade 8 Boys Doubles and Grade 8 Mixed Doubles, who placed in the top eight. Well done, St. Charles!!

Let The Fun Begin

Especially At Camp!

Winter Camp Day 1

On Day 1, the Grade 7 and 8 students arrived at Camp and received a warm welcome from the director. They quickly arranged our cabins and got right down to business. Most of the day was spent in small groups participating in different activities, including: horseback riding, archery, outdoor survival skills/fire-making, and “Team Challenge,” which consisted of outdoor team building activities. The afternoon ended with some outdoor free-time in a variety of different locations such as: the skating rink, the toboggan hill, and the cross-country ski trails. Free time was tons of fun, as the temperature was just right, and a beautiful snowfall was happening. The day concluded with a sleigh ride through the camp grounds and a wiener roast by the bonfire! All in all, it was an awesome first day at Camp!


 Winter Camp Day 2

On Day 2, the students and staff awoke to a deep freeze with snow and ice crystals. It was a beautiful site to see with perfectly snow-covered trees and a family of deer even passed by the lodge for all to see up close.

There were three activities planned for the day. The first activity was a water colour painting and self-esteem portrait. The second activity was a theatre workshop on being “unplugged” from technology, and the third activity was a hands-on presentation by a member of the Winnipeg Police Canine Unit. Students learned about he role of canines in the police force, and observed the handler’s dog “Bailey” at work in locating narcotics planted by the officer. Students also got a special visit from “Zeus”, a six month old Belgian Malinois. During free time, students kept busy playing floor hockey and playing various games such as cards, foosball and pictionary. It was a fun, reflective and educational second day at Camp!


Winter Camp Day 3

The campers had a group of actors come in for day 3. They led the students in a variety of skits, but their main message was that technology can help solve problems. Later during the day everyone played Amazing Race. During the race teams had to complete a number of tasks, much like contestants on the show. Lastly it was time to pack and clean and head home.


Grade 2 Friendship Celebration

Learning to be Friends “in” Jesus


The annual Grade 2 Friendship Celebration was held on October 22nd with students and families of the Grades 2 and 1-2 classes present. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Langlois coordinated the event which included songs, actions, and individual student prayers. The morning celebration concluded with crafts and refreshments in the cafeteria.