Culture Days

An EPIC day for SCCS students!

The grades 1, 1-2 and 2 classes had an amazing experience on Friday celebrating Culture Days.

We began our morning at The Forks where we had a chance to listen to some local artists perform. The students were very excited to see the St. Charles Violin Ambassadors preform on the stage. They were so proud to support and cheer on our school. The students decided that listening to the violins was their favourite part! Some of the grade two’s are so excited that they cannot wait to try out for the Violin Ambassadors when they are old enough.


In the afternoon the students learned a little about the heritage of The Forks and the Metis people. The students then had the opportunity to make their very own bannock! The reactions were great; everything from “I don’t like it!” to “This isn’t just good, it is EPIC!!”

All in all the day was an overwhelming success and we have many parent volunteers to thank for that! Thank you very much to all those who volunteered to make this an enriching experience for our students.