Informing, Exciting, Inspiring

… The Welcome Home

Our overall experience at The Welcome Home could only be described with three words: Informing, Exciting, and Inspiring. Our experience really helped us to become more aware of why the importance of awareness of poverty is such a big deal, and how we can get involved/help out. During our trip, we learned what the Welcome Home does, in terms of making hampers, donating and giving basic necessities to the poor such as hygiene products, food, jackets, blankets, pillows, and much more. As we learned about this, we came to a sudden realization how important the Welcome Home is to the community, and how much people are in need of them and depend on them. Upon leaving the vicinity, we were able to grasp and learn the importance of what we have, since most people aren’t as fortunate as us, and despite this, we can pitch in to help by doing just the same; giving to our communities, charities, and to anyone else in need. That’s the only way we can fight against poverty.  – Katharine B, Amy H, and Diza A

It’s Never Too Soon …

Parents often wonder when to start researching schools. We believe it can’t start soon enough!


Things to look for in a great school:

  • A warm, welcoming environment animated by respect, dignity, kindness and commitment
  • Rigorous academic programs that encourage students to reach their potential
  • A holistic approach to education, where a child’s faith, heart, mind and physical well-being are consciously addressed on a consistent basis
  • A sense of community, where everyone knows everyone and where each person actively contributes to creating a sense of unity

To arrange a tour of SCCS, please contact the school office at any time during the year.