On Our Way to Jesus

Advent Part 2

All the students participate in special Advent prayer services each Monday throughout the season. Each grade level prepares its own service, which includes, biblical readings, hymns and prayers. A favorite tradition is that of lighting the candles on the Advent wreath!


Classroom Advent Wreath

Classroom Advent Wreath

On Our Way To Jesus

Advent Part 1

The nativity scene in the front foyer is an annual tradition – an artwork in progress. Each class was asked to contribute a figure. Throughout the season, figures will be added. The final figure to be added will be the Christ child. Once He has been placed, after a procession through the entire school, we will celebrate His birth with a carol-fest and birthday party. Parents are invited to spend the day with us on Dec. 19th (the last day of school before Christmas) as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Rumor has it that a ‘live’ staff/student orchestra will be performing for the carol-fest!


The nativity scene – an artwork in progress.