A Symbol for The People

… the Legislative Building of Manitoba

The Grade 6V class had the privilege of going on a field trip to the Legislative Building of Manitoba on Monday, April 15th. The students got to go on a tour of the building and attend session in the afternoon where important issues that are currently affecting Manitobans were discussed.

They then had a chance for a private meet and greet with MLA Hon. Scott Fielding in his office. The class had been discussing how laws were made in Manitoba, and watching the debate during session gave them a real life experience on some of the processes involved.

Welcome My Friends

…. our wonderful Oblate Sisters

On Tuesday March 12th the Grade 2 class visited the Oblate Sisters at Villa Aulneau. The students were very excited to visit the Sisters, and other residents. The students started the visit by singing a few of their favourite songs from the religion program including “Welcome my Friends” and “Gather ‘Round”.  The Grade 2s also worked with the Sisters to create a stain glass window craft. The students, and Sisters both enjoyed decorating their craft with glue and tissue paper, and many students chose to give their finished product to the Sister they were working with, or donated them to other residents at Vila Aulneau. When the craft was finished, the students read some books with the Sisters, chatted with them, and ate a snack. This trip was a great opportunity for the students to make a connection with the founding group of our school, and for them to share their kind, friendly personalities with our community. The Grade 2s did a wonderful job of representing St. Charles!

Always More to Discover

… The Manitoba Museum

On February 1st, 2019 the Kindergarten to Grade 2 classes went on a field trip to the Manitoba Museum. The classes participated in some educational programs put on by the museum. They also had a chance to do some exploring, and learning through play.

The Kindergartens enjoyed participating in a program about Dinosaurs. They got to look at fossils, dig up dinosaur bones and even put on a play about dinosaurs. Students also got to visit the planetarium and learn about constellations. In the afternoon, both Kindergarten classes participated in a Science program about colours. They learned about how to make secondary colours. They enjoyed visiting the Science gallery, and making their own cars to race.

The Grade One class had a great time participating in the Sensational Science program. The students had a chance to participate in a few science experiments involving their five senses. The highlight was tasting ice cream!! In the afternoon the Grade One class learned about similarities and differences between people around the world. They were able to try on some different cultural outfits and then learn about some of the different houses people live in.

Ms Langois, and Miss Baillie’s classes really enjoyed participating in the Growth and Changes in Animals program. The students looked at different animals from around Manitoba. They touched a snake skin, a skull, and smelled an elk! These classes also took some time to watch various experiments involving changes in matter. The students had a chance to explore the Museum, and Science gallery as well. The Nonsuch boat, and the water works area were especially big hits.

All of the students had a great time at the Manitoba Museum. It was a very successful field trip and the students learned a lot!


… leads us into the wintry months.

During one of the last Enrichment classes for Term 1, Mr. Vechina and Mr. Bourquin’s groups joined together for some outdoor activities. The groups played Broomball and Capture the Flag outside on a warm November day!

Help Those in Need

…The Welcome Home

This September our Grade 8 class had the privilege to visit The Welcome Home on our Christian Service Day. During our visit we learned about the 100 year old building, the community programs offered there, and the amazing people who give selflessly to their community. The Welcome Home provides food to the hungry in the form of hampers and weekly dinners. They also help young families by hosting family nights, babysitting, and offer support to single mothers. When we were there, half of the class helped to make rice bags for the hampers and the other half made craft bags for children. The Welcome Home is truly a welcoming place and we were reluctant to leave. We are so grateful for this experience and it was a powerful example of how we can help those in need and in our community.

Roots of Empathy

This year, we are excited to announce that we are participating in the Roots of Empathy program!  Ms. Aiello’s Gr. 3 class was chosen to share in the 27 week program, whose mission is to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies. This is done through the development of empathy in both children and adults.

Roots of Empathy fits in very nicely with our Safe and Caring Schools Goal, and is done once a week.  After attending a training session in the summer, I have enjoyed teaching the program and meeting our “teacher,” baby Joseph.

Joseph and his Mom Tsion, will be visiting the Gr. 3 classroom 9 times this school year.  Aside from those 9 visits, students will also participate in 18 other lessons on a weekly basis.  The lessons are based on the following themes:  Meeting the Baby, Crying, Caring and Planning for Baby, Emotions, Sleep, Safety, Communicating, Who Am I?, and Goodbye and Good Wishes.  Each of these themes has a Pre-Family Visit, the Family Visit, and the Post-Family Visit.

Stay tuned for more news on this amazing program! Mrs. Narynski

What Would You Rather Eat?

… Math is Fun!

On a sunny Friday, the Grade 3 class decided to take their learning outside! We had just begun our new unit on Data Analysis and had recently started studying bar graphs. To demonstrate our learning, students were asked the question “What Would you Rather Eat?”. The criteria was to ask 10 students for their opinions and then create a bar graph that included all of the essential parts such as a title, numbers, and labeled axes.

The Grade 3 Students had a fabulous time creating their own graphs and sharing their learning with others. This activity allowed us to reflect upon our learning so that we could see which parts of the graph we will continue to practice and which parts we have mastered. Our goal for May and June is to continue to bring our math learning outside whenever the weather presents us with the opportunity to do so!