Roots of Empathy

… Empathy – the essential human trait.


Roots of EmpathyOur Roots of Empathy program is well underway and our Gr. 3 class has been enjoying their family visits with their Mom/baby. Baby Declan is growing and developing!

The Roots of Empathy program is made up of 9 different themes, with each theme having 3 lessons. As each theme is introduced, students participate in a Pre-Family Lesson, the Family Visit Lesson, and then the Post-Family Lesson.

To date, the Gr. 3 class has done five themes. They are: Meeting Baby, Crying, Caring and Planning for Baby, Emotions, and most recently, Sleep. Our next theme, Safety, is coming up, followed by Communicating, Who Am I? and Goodbye and Good Wishes.

The Roots of Empathy program is evidence-based, and there has been a noteworthy effect in reducing aggression levels in school children, while increasing social/emotional competence and developing empathy. This is a fantastic program, and we are very lucky to have it in its second year at St. Charles!