A Valuable Lesson

… on real-life experience!

IRCOM guestsAs part of our ELA course,  our Grade 7 classes had two guest speakers, Luladei and Fadumo, who shared about their experiences immigrating to Winnipeg and being a refugee. Both guests work for IRCOM, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba. During this presentation, students learned that there are three kinds of refugees, that some people wait over 7 years in a refugee camp before being settled in a safe country, and that refugees need to pay for their transportation fees to come to Canada. They also learned that some refugees need a life skills coach to help them learn how to work things like refrigerators and how to take the bus. Most importantly, they learned that there are many ways we can help recent immigrants as they adjust to their new life in Canada. Thank you, Luladei and Fadumo for sharing with us!

 Ms. Gel – MY ELA Teacher