A Symbol for The People

… the Legislative Building of Manitoba

The Grade 6V class had the privilege of going on a field trip to the Legislative Building of Manitoba on Monday, April 15th. The students got to go on a tour of the building and attend session in the afternoon where important issues that are currently affecting Manitobans were discussed.

They then had a chance for a private meet and greet with MLA Hon. Scott Fielding in his office. The class had been discussing how laws were made in Manitoba, and watching the debate during session gave them a real life experience on some of the processes involved.

One thought on “A Symbol for The People

  1. It is very exciting to tour the Legislative Building and something you remember all your life.
    When I was in Grade Six my class visited the Leg. and I remember it in detail, even now, so many decades later.
    Btw…I’m Eleanor and Isabel’s Grandmother!

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