Welcome My Friends

…. our wonderful Oblate Sisters

On Tuesday March 12th the Grade 2 class visited the Oblate Sisters at Villa Aulneau. The students were very excited to visit the Sisters, and other residents. The students started the visit by singing a few of their favourite songs from the religion program including “Welcome my Friends” and “Gather ‘Round”.  The Grade 2s also worked with the Sisters to create a stain glass window craft. The students, and Sisters both enjoyed decorating their craft with glue and tissue paper, and many students chose to give their finished product to the Sister they were working with, or donated them to other residents at Vila Aulneau. When the craft was finished, the students read some books with the Sisters, chatted with them, and ate a snack. This trip was a great opportunity for the students to make a connection with the founding group of our school, and for them to share their kind, friendly personalities with our community. The Grade 2s did a wonderful job of representing St. Charles!