What We Can Do To Help

… An Eye-Opening Experience For All

by: Meagan M.

The Welcome Home was a life changing experience for me. I found it amazing to see what this non-profit organization does daily. Coming home from that, I will look at my life differently after seeing where some people live, and how hard that must be for the homeless people. This organization does so much for the people, and I got such a warm fuzzy feeling there knowing that I helped someone today.

When we arrived, they split us up into 2 groups, half of the class went and baked muffins for the homeless. Then our group went to bag rice and macaroni into portions that will go into the homeless people’s hampers. I found it astonishing to think about what they do there in such a small building. There are many people that rely on this organization for many things. This organization does amazing things for others like: making hampers to give out weekly, make sandwiches for them, they have a mass weekly, and they also do a family night. They said that every week they get about 40 to 50 people for each of those events. I like to think that they are a non-profit organization doing good in the world, and shaping the lives of those who they have touched. Even though I am not homeless, I was so touched about what Dolores, Liv, and Noel were doing for the people of this community.

Next, the really big thing is what we can do to help. While I was there, even though I did help bag food, I didn’t feel like that was enough. It broke my heart to see Dolores open the cabinets, and see little to nothing in there. I feel like a community like ours would be able to donate food, and even money for places like Welcome Home. To see how those people devoted their lives for others through the word of God made me speechless. I loved the opportunity to go and see what others do for the community. I think that Welcome Home is an amazing place for the homeless and they do great things for the community!