To Serve and To Give

…. should define your life!

Christian Service Day      

What do the words Christian Service mean to you?  By definition, Christian service is believed to be the act of doing things for God with a willingness in the heart. Our Kindergarten to Gr. 8 students understand this definition very well.  On Friday, September 29th, all of our students spent the morning doing some type of Christian Service for others, all within our community.  The Kindergarten to Gr. 2 classes made some lovely cards/notes to share with those in our hospitals, the Gr. 3 class went to visit St. Paul the Apostle Church where they were involved in doing lots of odd jobs.  Our Gr. 3-4 class had previously helped over at St. Charles Church with their Harvest Supper preparation, and then went back to the Church to help out with other odd jobs.  Our Gr. 4 students cleaned up our playground, and the Gr. 5F class went to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, while the Gr. 5P class went next door to the Retreat Centre.  Our Gr. 6 class helped out at St. John XXIII, the Gr. 7 class spent the morning writing positive messages for the entire St.Charles community, and the Gr. 8’s spent the morning at Welcome Home, baking muffins and prepping groceries to help those less fortunate.  All in all, it was a fabulous morning not only of community service, but also of community building and teamwork.  At St. Charles Catholic School, we are always looking for ways to build community and work as a team.  We are very proud of our efforts.