Dreams DO Come True …

especially if you have the right supports!

This year, twenty of our young violinists were selected to perform with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. The process for preparation was carefully managed by Ms. Sham the SCCS Violin Teacher, who met with the students after hours to learn the repertoire. A violinist from the WSO came out to a rehearsal as well.

Then, it was time. The students loaded a bus, and went to their first rehearsal with the WSO.

“It was awesome!” “I can’t believe I was playing with the symphony!” “It was loud!” “We sounded great!”

The concert was sold out, and over 1600 were in attendance. Ms. Sham led the group out on stage, and the students looked and acted as professionals. Together, they shared a special look – Ms. Sham described it as a “moment” she will treasure. The performance was over too soon. The bus ride back to school was quiet as the experience was processed and the memories filed. Dreams do come true, and music does change lives.