Cantata Post-Script

Thank you to everyone who supported the Cantata. We estimate 800 people were there including the Leader of the House, the Honourable Andrew Micklefield., the mother of the Catholic schools  superintendent from Vernon, BC,  people from all three dioceses, etc. Messages have been flowing in from all over including these:

“We met two days ago at St. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral while I was trying to find the church office to post a caregiver ad for my Mom. Thank you for interrupting your project at the church on that busy day to take me across the street to the office .I did return to the church last night for the Cantata. It was joyful and uplifting. Congratulations to you, your musical director and your students on a wonderful performance. By sheer coincidence, when I returned to my Mom’s in St. James, I encountered a family who had also been at the concert. Their young daughter had sung in the choir and was still very excited by the experience. Your gift as an educator is evident. It was reflected in the lively and inspired faces of your students last night. Thank you again for your kindness in helping me, and for inviting me to attend the concert. It made my evening.”

Then there was the thank you from Sr. Lesley: “What a wonderful evening. Each morning we look at the beautiful bouquet and think of you and of the mustard seed that grew into a tree.”

The man who attended because of his connection with House of Peace: “Congratulations to all involved in bringing to us the wonderful Musical Cantata. It was the most effective real life event I have ever witnessed that captures the reality in story and song and instrumental music across all ages, cultures and faith traditions on how all our relatives (including creation) can come together. Can we do a cantata on creation and let the trees of the forest clap their hands and all creation shout for joy?”

And from a complete stranger who read about it in the newspaper: “It just sounded fantastic. Wish it could be repeated.”

Then there were the kid comments: It was my chance to shine like a star…..I loved the church…the apples were great…the men sounded AWESOME….