In Sync and In Praise

Our Graduates Are Exceptional

studentsEvery year in November SCCS reaches out to our recent alumni to verify that they are succeeding at their high school of choice. This year, the reports were as expected. High School Principals reported that:

  1. Our grading scheme is in sync with those of the high schools. For example, students who achieve 70% here will continue to do so at the high school level. Similarly students achieving 90% here will continue to do so at St. Paul’s St. Mary’s, Linden Christian, Westwood, etc.
  2. The majority of our students are honor roll students in high school. Generally, all but a few of our students maintain academic honor roll.
  3. Socially our students are well prepared, more so than most. The examples offered included the fact that our students don’t form cliques or find the transition difficult. Statements in the reports included “it was a seamless transition”, “ students from SCCS easily integrate into many groups”, “they get involved right away”.

There is no doubt about it. The culture at SCCS is unique and our graduates are exceptional!