Jesus, my new BFF

The Grade 2 classes joined together to celebrate friendship. But not just any friendship! Each child was asked to reflect specifically on the statement “Jesus is my friend because_______”.

Each child wrote his/her response and the documents were posted on the front bulletin boards. When all was ready, the students and their teachers invited all the parents to join them for a special prayer service. Together they sang, shared and prayed. All left the ceremony with a renewed sense of Jesus as Friend, the center of a community of friends.

Grade 2 Friendship Celebration

The gathering relocated to the cafeteria where friendship bracelets were made, snacks shared and great conversations had.

Christian Service Day

– the Alpha and Omega of SCCS servant leadership

From the moment children enter St. Charles Catholic School, they can feel the difference. People are welcoming, helpful, caring, kind-hearted and open to others. This environment was established by the Oblates from the very beginning, and today we are thankful that this charism still permeates the very foundation of our school community.

Building a loving community is work, and at SCCS that work never ends. We pray every morning for those in our community, and we offer our hands to help those in need. Christian Service Day is more than just a symbol of giving of self, it is an expression of our commitment to truly “make a difference” in the world, one set of hands at a time. Now in its 5th year, the students and staff of SCCS look forward to spreading joy out to the greater community.


Grades K-2 – Created cards and gifts for shut-ins.

Grade 3 – Cleaned the common play areas for the little ones

Grade 4 – helped clean at St. Charles Church

Grade 5 – helped clean at OLPH

Grade 6 – helped clean at SJ23

Grade 7 – helped at Welcome Home, followed by a visit to House of Peace

Grade 8 – Helped the Sisters of Charity in their soup kitchen, followed by a visit to House of Peace


Estote Fidelis!

The Word of God is Alive and Active

Whoever thinks that Word of God isn’t energizing has never attended the SCCS Grade 4 Bible Celebration! With 42 students and their families in attendance, it was truly spirit-filled.

On this special day, the Grade 4 students spent time with Nancy Wood at the St. Charles Retreat Center. Ms. Wood is a trainer for Good Shepherd Catechesis and a popular retreat master for the Archdiocese of Winnipeg. Together with the Grade 4 classes, she explored the various books of the Bible, the calligraphy associated with original handwritten Bibles, and several poignant Bible verses. Each of the students was tasked with creating a beautifully scripted and colored rendition of his/her favorite Bible verse.

By evening, the students were ready to share their excitement with their families. The service began with a procession, prayers, readings and songs. Fr. Peter Nemczek, Archdiocesan Vocations Director,  shared his personal experiences with the Bible and blessed all of the Bibles. The highlight of the evening came when each family stepped forward to bless their grade 4 student and present him/her with a personal Bible. Tears of happiness were seen on more than one face as children beamed while parents shared their own faith experiences in a tangible and very real way.


The evening ended with a reception hosted by the Grades 1-3 classes. In faith and in gratitude we belong to the SCCS community!