Biodata of Pooja

pooja-rakhraI have a Master of Science (MSc.) degree and Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education with a major in Special Education.

I am a teacher, wife and mother of two children, a 9 year and 7 year old. I personally believe that every child has tremendous potential. As a teacher, parent and guardian, my goal is to nurture these tiny blooms into big flowers to make our world more beautiful.

Today’s advanced education provides plenty of opportunities in different areas of science, technology, arts, and other fields. However, excellence in any of these external ventures first demands self-discipline.

As a resource teacher at St. Charles Catholic School, my main goal is to teach students about the resources, strategies, values, and beliefs which will help them to achieve their own great destinies by first understanding and mastering their inner-selves. I want to see my students as visionaries, explorers, adventurers and innovators who consistently try and achieve their day to day as well as lifetime goals toward a fulfilling life.