Hustle and Hit

… and Never Quit

Congratulations to the Chargers who participated in the annual MCSAA Badminton tournament.


The SCCS Badminton Team competed during the last week of April in singles, doubles and mixed doubles tournaments at host schools across Winnipeg. Each team had some success, especially our Grade 7 Boys Singles, Grade 8 Boys Doubles and Grade 8 Mixed Doubles, who placed in the top eight. Well done, St. Charles!!

Hook Into Student Interests

Science Fair

SCCS hosed its annual Science Fair for Grades 6-8 students on April 6th. The winners from the school fair went on to represent the school at the Manitoba Schools Symposium. Congratulations to all of the students who participated this year.

SCCS School Science Fair winners:

science fair

Grade 6:

  1. Krisjay and Megan
  2. Tyla
  3. Angela

Grade 7:

  1. Austin and Athony
  2. Tyson and MacKenna
  3. Paige and Nyja

Grade 8:

  1. Sandro
  2. Josh and Navin
  3. Rosemund

Thank you to the volunteers for judging these projects; Heather Senderewich, Mrs. S, Shivani Agnihotri, Sandy Marsh-Hamm, Kara Loney, Mrs Beel and Fr. Peter.

Manitoba Schools Science Symposium placements:

Grade 6:

science fair1

Angela; Silver Medal:  Do Your Senses Affect Each Other?

Krisjay and Megan; Bronze Medal: Measuring Acidity and pH Levels in Water



Grade 7:

Austin and Anthony; Silver Medal: The Rate of Liquid Evaporation

Tyson and MacKenna; Bronze Medal: How Does Colour Affect Memory

Grade 8:

Keegan; Gold Medal: Most Minnows

Sandro; Silver Medal: Optics: Real and Virtual Images

Josh and Navin; Silver Medal: The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Thermal Expansion of Water

Exciting and Fabulous

Music Award Recipients

WinnMusicSt. Charles has received some EXCITING & FABULOUS news from the Winnipeg Music Festival coordinator.

It is an honor to announce that our very own St. Charles Catholic Schools Choral program was selected by the festival adjudicator as the awarding recipients of the Helen Derksen Memorial Shield – Trophy (known in the choral music world as the “Stanley Cup”) for the category of The Most Outstanding Performance of a Sacred Selection by a School Chorus K – 6.

The Winnipeg Music Festival is a huge, province wide, month long festival, where many of the schools music programs participate in our city. 100’s of emails of congratulations have been received on this recent announcement. Pictured below is the formal presentation of the award.