Pope Francis Declares

Open your doors

Pope Francis declared 2015-2016 the Jubilee Year of Mercy. He asked people all over the world to learn about the virtue of mercy and to use it/receive it with greater intentionality. Dr. Penny shared that when she was in Rome, he has schools to especially reach out and teach others about mercy, because it’s embedded in what we do already. To kick-start the jubilee, the Vatican encouraged churches around the world to dedicate a specific door in their worship centers and to symbolically “open their doors”. As people go through those doors, they are to reflect on the works of mercy, pray for others, and change their ways to better reflect the mercy in their lives.



SCCS has created such a door. It was blessed during a ceremony in the school led by Fr. Peter. Students are encouraged to enter the door, and to indicate their journey by placing a sticker on the poster in the front of the school. This way, we can all see the number of journeys being taken by our community!

SCCS embarked on a special project to help our community to better understand the works of mercy. Each classroom decorated their door to reflect a particular work of mercy. Now, as one enters each classroom, we are encouraged to reflect on a work of mercy!

Year of Mercy Doors