15th Anniversary Celebration

The 15th Anniversary evening was an amazing celebration that included all five parishes, alumni and former staff.

BanquetThe current SCCS staff were instrumental in preparing the food, the Board of Directors acted as hosts, the Violin Ambassadors and PML students performed, and Kylee transformed the gym into a banquet hall. Many memories were shared and made and new friendships forged.


The video presentation will be uploaded to our website in the near future.

See you all in 2021 when we celebrate our 20th!

I Adore You

… Praised Be Jesus Christ



Fr. Peter and the Grade 5 class had the awesome task of placing the Blessed Sacrament in the school Chapel this week. His Grace, Archbishop Gagnon has granted the school permission to reserve the Blessed Sacrament during the school months. The event began with a blessing at the Church, a procession to the school through the old Main entrance and ended with a Benediction service in the chapel. Thank you, Fr. Peter for arranging this!

Holy Childhood Association

Children As Missionaries

On Monday, October 5th, the Grade 6 students with Mrs. Narynski led the school through the annual Holy Childhood Association enrollment. This is a Papal organization that encourages children to serve children as missionaries. We promised to pray in particular for the children of Madagascar this year.



Annual Vision Screening

The vision screening program  is intended to identify, as early as possible, school age students who may have undetected vision difficulties. The program does not take the place of a professional eye examination but allows for early detection and referrals if necessary.

VisionOur Kinder students participated in the annual Vision Screening, organized by the school staff.

What Did the Plant Do in Math Class?

It grew Square Roots!

(A little Math Humour from our budding Mathematicians.) Using their iPads, the Grade 8 students created instructional videos for math concepts.

This series is on Estimating Square Roots.

Alyssa and Liisa:   Math Instructional Video – Estimating Square Roots

John and Chase:   Math Instructional Video – Estimating Square Roots

Navin and Josh:   Math Instructional Video – Estimating Square Roots

Matteo and Brennan:  Math Instructional Video – Estimating Square Roots


Performance Plus!

Violin Ambassadors participated in Manitoba Culture Days and were listed in the official program!

TheForksAfter their performance at the Forks, which drew a huge crowd from passers by, the group walked to Villa Aulneau  where they performed for the Oblate Sisters (our school founding Order) and the seniors in residence.