It takes a village to raise a child

And a community to nurture a culture

The community came together to celebrate Founders’ Day on Friday, the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The morning began with a prayer service organized by Ms. Ling and Ms. Riediger. His Grace, Archbishop Gagnon was present and shared a homily on the value of honoring the past, just like the entire Archdiocese is doing on its 100th anniversary. He shared a touching story of how students can give glory to God and proclaim Christ in the way they speak and conduct themselves. FoundersDay

The students then travelled around the neighborhood exploring sites significant to the school, including the cemeteries where former priests and families are buried. FoundersDay1

The Grade 8 class were given an exclusive tour by a school alumni, John Dussessoy. Apparently the school has quite a colorful collection of spirits!


The day ended with an ice cream social. Thanks to al the parent volunteers, the staff, the alumni and the Pastors who helped us celebrate our history!