Advisory Groups Wrap Up

Dairy Queen field trip adventure



AdvGroupAdvisory groups wrapped up their year this week with a celebration. Some groups spent time playing games outside, others played games in the classroom. Two groups went on field trips, including this group who went on an adventure via city transit.

Prayer, Pilgrimage and Pizza

On Saturday, May 30, three families from our St. Charles Angelus Club attended the second annual ‘Prayer, Pilgrimage and Pizza’ event, which took place this year at the Church of St. Malo, and Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, where Father Dominic La Fleur, the pastor of St. Malo, taught and showed us so much.

“We started our day with Holy Mass, in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Visitation to Elizabeth. In Father Dominic’s beautiful church, with many inspiring and beautiful paintings, Father’s holy mass and captivating teaching, it was easy to hear Our Lady’s words: “My soul proclaims the greatness of The Lord”.

After mass, we played games and had races on the beautiful lawn in front of the church, working up big appetites for the delicious pizza part of our day!

St Malo1The next part of our pilgrimage was to walk the short distance from St. Malo Church, to the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, with Father Dominic leading the way.

Father took us inside the beautiful old chapel, built long ago to honour St. Bernadette, the humble girl whom the Mother of God appeared to, in Lourde’s, France.

Here, Father taught us about St. Bernadette being an incorrupt saint, and how one day each one of us will have glorified bodies, with no sickness or pain. Father explained to us that St. Bernadette reminds us also of Christ’s Resurrection, and His own glorified body.

Next, Father took us to the outdoor shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, very close to the old chapel. There is an amazing story attached to the building of this outdoor shrine. The priest who was in charge of building the shrine, needed to strengthen the wall and grotto, but how? In a dream, Our Lady showed the humble priest a huge rock, and even where to find it. The next day he went with his workmen and they found the huge rock and pulled it out of the forest. But how would they place such a huge and heavy rock? Suddenly the rock slipped and fell, right into the place where it was needed, in order to retain the sandy hillside. And it is there to this day.

We all listened, and quietly realized, in that beautiful dappled shade, with the birds singing, trees rustling, and a nearby stream flowing gently by, that the Great Mother of God herself had wished this shrine to be built in her honour, in the beautiful countryside of St. Malo.

With much to consider, in the quiet of our hearts, Father lead us back to the Church, where he placed the Blessed Sacrament in the beautiful monstrance and we knelt in Adoration.

As sun soaked (let Father Dominic explain to you what this really means!) and somewhat weary pilgrims, we all headed home, deeply satisfied by our Prayer, Pilgrimage and Pizza day with Father Dominic La Fleur, in St. Malo.