High Achievement by SCCS Alumni

Congratulations to this SCCS Alumni! She achieved such high math scores in her courses this year, that Dr. Anna Stokke, Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Winnipeg, sent her a letter inviting her to change her degree to a mathematics major.

On behalf of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, we are writing to congratulate you on your performance in Discrete Mathematics and to encourage you to consider a major in mathematics, if you have not already done so. Given your strong performance in mathematics so far, you are likely to find further study in mathematics to be a very rewarding experience that will prepare you for may future careers. If you have not already declared mathematics as a major, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible so that you are eligible to receive scholarships directed at mathematics majors. If you have decided to complete a four-year degree in another subject area, we encourage you to consider declaring mathematics as a minor. (Click on the Doc – Jun 16, 2015, 8-15 AM to access full letter.)

And, if she accepts, then she will receive numerous bursaries in support of her university education.


Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes

Field trip to Cook’s Creek

On Tuesday, June 23rd, the Gr. 6 Religion class, headed out of town to Cook’s Creek, to participate in a Religion Assessment. 

We had a great bus ride out of town, and when we arrived at our destination, students were excited to see the Ukrainian Catholic Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes! 

CC1Our tour guide Gerry Palidwar, welcomed us, and after a picture on the front steps of the church, led us inside the beautiful church!  He shared some of the history of the church, which students found interesting, especially when they learned that the entire church had been built by hand, with no machinery, and that it took 22 years to complete!

After finishing visiting and learning about the church, we headed outside to take a look at The Grotto.  Everyone was amazed at how big it was, and enjoyed taking time to explore.  After that, we headed down a path which led us through the forest, and ended up at the cemetery. 

CC2We then had fun with our picnic lunch, and had some time to run around the field and play. 

After we were done, we were getting ready to leave, when Gerry surprised us and said that we could all take turns ringing the 3 church bells!  This was pretty exciting because Maria, (the biggest bell), took 6 students to ring! 

We headed back to Winnipeg after a pretty incredible experience.  While sharing popsicles back at school, we agreed that we all wanted to go back again because it was such a great day!

Contributed by  Tammy Narynski

The puck drops

Winnipeg Junior Jets are on their way!

13 JONESIn January, Blake earned a spot on the Winnipeg Junior Jets Hockey Team. The team is comprised of 10 year old hockey players from across the Province.  These players will represent Manitoba at the prestigious Brick Super Novice Invitational Tournament which runs from June 28 to July 5 at West Edmonton Mall.

Below is the link that will take you to the website for The Brick Invitational Tournament so we can all watch the team’s progress!


Congratulations, Blake!

Good luck at the tournament!

It takes a village to raise a child

And a community to nurture a culture

The community came together to celebrate Founders’ Day on Friday, the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The morning began with a prayer service organized by Ms. Ling and Ms. Riediger. His Grace, Archbishop Gagnon was present and shared a homily on the value of honoring the past, just like the entire Archdiocese is doing on its 100th anniversary. He shared a touching story of how students can give glory to God and proclaim Christ in the way they speak and conduct themselves. FoundersDay

The students then travelled around the neighborhood exploring sites significant to the school, including the cemeteries where former priests and families are buried. FoundersDay1

The Grade 8 class were given an exclusive tour by a school alumni, John Dussessoy. Apparently the school has quite a colorful collection of spirits!


The day ended with an ice cream social. Thanks to al the parent volunteers, the staff, the alumni and the Pastors who helped us celebrate our history!

Tumbling for Joy

Leads to achieving silver at Provincial Gymnastic competition!




Dylan competed in the Provincial Level 1 competition for gymnastics and won silver in overall and received one first, three seconds, and two thirds in individual events.

Congratulations, Dylan! We are proud of you!

Jumping for Joy

And helping the cause!

JumpOn Friday, June 5th, the students and staff at St. Charles participated in a Jump Day to raise money for “Jump Rope For Heart” – The Heart and Stroke Foundation. The grade 6 and 8 students led mixed grade groups to 15 different fitness stations which were created and led by grade 7 students. Students were skipping, dancing and having fun while getting fit all afternoon.

St. Charles raised over $4000, well done!!!!

SCCS Flash Mob Alert

Fr. José ….. we are sad to see you go!

Fr. José

Fr. José Eduardo Medeiros will be leaving as pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Church for Brazil.

We at St. Charles have a special musical bond with Fr. José. We loved singing with Fr. José’s baritone voice, at mass and our concerts . As a thank you for the wonderful years we have had with you we prepared our own surprise flash mob of Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace). Enjoy the videos of our talented violinists and singers.




We pray that god will bless you on your new adventure. Peace be with you everywhere you go.

Soccer Fever

Breeds soccer greats!

Congratulations to Sandro in Grade 7 who made the Provincial Soccer Team.


“It has been a very intense 2 months with lots of training and tryouts.  Initially there were over 60 boys trying out, the final team consists of 18 players on the roster.  Sandro has shown a tremendous amount of dedication and focus.”

Sandro and the team are thrilled to be traveling to BC as U13 boys represent Manitoba in the 2015 Pacific Challenge!!

Everyone here at SCCS is thrilled and proud of your success! Good luck this summer!