Shout Out to Coach Maurice!

Thank you!

Over the past school year, the Grade 2 class has been using their collective passion for the Winnipeg Jets to learn about staying on TRACK and building stamina in their work as dedicated students. Just as the Winnipeg Jets work hard on and off the ice to build stamina as athletes, the Grade 2’s have been working hard in and out of the classroom to build stamina as successful students.

Word of the students passion and dedication throughout the school year reached the ears of some very special individuals. Monsignor Comeault, Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and Mr. Paul Maurice, Head Coach of the Winnipeg Jets surprised the Grade 2’s and brought with them a very important message.

jets1Coach Maurice shared that over the past hockey season the team focused on building relationships. He encouraged the class to think about their classroom as a team and a team is somewhere that everyone belongs. Each person on the team is important and brings something special to it’s success. It’s important to have confidence in yourself even though you may not be the fastest runner or the best reader, you are still important to your team. Coach Maurice encouraged each student to find something that they are good at and use it as a strength to be a leader on the team.

The students also had an opportunity to ask Coach Maurice questions. He was asked questions about game play, player trades, his family and how he stays on TRACK. Coach Maurice told the students that he stays on TRACK by relying on the people around him like his family and Monsignor Comeault. Yes, he can sometimes get off TRACK by making mistakes but it’s important to learn from them and to have good people around to help you get better.

Upon reflecting on the exciting visit, the students were surprised by the fact that the Winnipeg Jets were working on many of the same things they have been working on this year. They were amazed that even NHL coaches and athletes need to work at staying focused by making good choices, just as they have been focusing on throughout the year.jets2The Grade 2’s would like to give a special shout out to Monsignor Comeault and Coach Maurice for the visit. They are grateful for the words of wisdom and the inspiring message that was shared. What a special honor!

Gotta Drink Milk!

Milk Spirit Week at SCCS

The annual SCCS Milk Spirit Week is being held on May 26th – May 29rd this year. Organized by Mrs. Newman and supported by Mrs. Gillis-May, the activities include a coloring contest, prize draws, a dress-up day, and a video contest.

milkIn Grade 4 today, the students were practicing their skit for the video.

The week is as follows:

Lucky Milk Carton:   Tuesday through Friday, purchase milk from the school lunch program (forms available at the front entrance of the school), for a chance to win great milk prizes! Each day, there will be milk cartons marked with an X at the bottom. If you get one with an X, you win a prize!

Milk Colouring Contest: All grades will be given a picture to colour promoting milk and Milk Spirit Week! The pictures must be in to your teachers by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 28th. Prizes will be awarded on Friday, May 29th. There will be one winner in every classroom!

Get Spotted Drinking Milk: Throughout Milk Spirit Week, we will be handing out prizes randomly to some of the student’s spotted drinking milk in the lunchroom!

Dress In Black And White Day: Friday, May 29th everyone comes to school dressed in black and white!

Milk Video Class Contest: Each classroom creates one video of their students performing a song, or jingle promoting milk. All videos must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 28th. The winning class will receive prizes for their whole class!


And Mary said, “Yes!”

Mass in honor of Jesus’ Mother

3Today Fr. Paul invited the students to look upon the statue of Mary at the front of the church. “Notice how her head is tilted and she is looking up to Heaven. See how happy she looks. We should be as Mary.” Included in his sermon was the story of Fatima, and how Mary was quick to say “yes” to Our Lord.

In thanksgiving, the students who carried up the gifts included an especially large rose to lay before Our Lady.

Matteo, a Grade 7 student who was recently confirmed at the Archdiocesan Mass at the MTS Center, helped with the distribution of communion today, an honor and a blessing for all in attendance.


Congratulations SCCS students!

You are “Dynamite”!


Kiara A and Tyllar H – Cheerleaders of the Year for 2014-15 for Dynamite Cheer.Picture4

Kiara won Most Valuable Cheerleader for Manitoba Cheer Federation 2014-2015 (13 years and under). Olivia S and Kiara were nominated for the award.Picture3

Tyllar H, Kiara A, Julia M, Julia and Jessica L, Kaylee D traveled to the Cheerleading Nationals in Niagara Falls April 10-14, 2015.  Olivia S is a member of the team and is the one flying on the RHS.


100th Year Anniversary

The Archdiocese of Winnipeg is committed to Proclaiming Christ Always

The Grades 3-5 students were blessed that Sr. Susan Wilkeem spent some time with them discussing the history of our Archdiocese. During the presentation she provided an overview of church structure and described the events that lead to the foundation of the new Archdiocese in 1915.

The Grades 6 and 7 students were equally blessed with a similar presentation by Msgr. Ward Jamieson, while the Grade 8 students were blessed with a presentation by Mr. Johnston Smith.

May20 In preparation for these sessions, the students were pleased to have had a preview PowerPoint presentation offered by our own Mrs. Narynski.

These presentations have been a terrific learning experience for the students. Throughout, they have been encouraged to apply their knowledge of Canadian history in a personal context as members of the Archdiocese. Having recently attended the Anniversary Mass at the MTS Center, many of the students have shared their pride in being part of such a historical and vibrant Archdiocese!

Mary, Queen of the Universe – Pray For us

Our Lady of Fatima – Pray For us

Picture1The Angelus Club, under the direction of Miriam Ragetli, prepared and hosted a Mary Crowning Ceremony on May 13th. The club members dressed in their sashes and followed Rosemund down the main stairwell onto the front yard as she performed Immaculate Mary on her violin for the procession. After the short prayer ceremony, Fr. Paul gave the blessing.  It was awesome that several parents and parishioners attended the event and joined the students in this beautiful Catholic tradition.

Violin Performance

photo 3


The Grade 4 class and the Violin Ambassadors teamed up to provide a violin performance for the residents at Residence Aulneau. This was the first performance by the Grade 4 class, and they charmed the audience with 5 folk tunes they had learned by memory since Christmas! Being the final concert of the year for the Violin Ambassadors, they pulled out all the stops and played for an hour without stopping. Many a resident sang along with the group as they played old favorites such as The Summons, Immaculate Mary, and Scarborough Fair. The students were excited to meet several of the Oblate sisters who were former staff members of SCCS!

Congratulations, Ms. Sham, Ms. Prettie, Dr. Penny and all the students!Picture2