Lent and Adoration

For Lent, the staff and students spent time in Adoration. Each Friday, Fr. Paul brought the Blessed Sacrament to the music room where an altar and monstrance was arranged.

A service that included prayers related to the “Archdiocesan 100th Anniversary”, the “Year of the Consecrated” and the ” Prayer for SCCS” was prepared for the classes to use during their adoration time.


Always question, Always wonder

SCCS Science Fair

Science FairSt. Charles held its annual Science Fair on March 17th, 2015. The grades 6, 7, and 8 students all participated. There were a total of 33 projects submitted. Our judges were excellent and crossed a wide variety of fields from teaching and biology to engineering. Winners were the top three Experiments from each grade.

In grade 8, Meagan placed 1st for her project on “The Effect of Noise on Hand Eye Coordination”; in 2nd place was J.J. with his project looking at “Candles and Colour” and in 3rd was Brooklynn who looked at “Screen Time vs. Sleep Time”.

In grade 7, Keegan placed 1st for his experiment on “Drinks and Their Effect on Enamel”, Sandro placed 2nd with his experiment on ElectroMagnetic Pulses”, and Rosemund and Valandi tied for 3rd. Rosemund looked at “The Best Bird Food to Buy” and Valandi looked at “Which Cereal Stays Crunchiest in Milk”.

In grade 6, Anthony and Noah placed 1st for their project on “Mold”, in 2nd place was Eleni with her project looking at the “Nitrogen Cycle”, and in 3rd place was Keaton and Carson with their project on “Flight and Aerodynamics”.

The next step for some of these students will be the 44th Annual Manitoba School’s Science Symposium which takes place Thursday, April 23th – Sunday, April 26th, 2015 at the University of Manitoba Max Bell Centre.

Thank you to all the judges, teachers, and support staff for helping make the Science Fair happen and to the students for all their hard work.