Bravo! Gold!

music festival

Congratulations on the Grades 3-5 students’ heart felt performance at the Winnipeg Music Festival. The adjudicator gave them great feedback to practice as well as wonderful comments such as “beautiful expressive singing” / “lovely contrasting pieces”.

Bravo! Choir and Mrs. Lalonde on receiving a GOLD! standing at this year’s festival!


 Many congratulations are extended to all of the SCCS students who participated in the Music Festival this year and  especially Zachary who achieved Gold! standing for his vocal solo.

Everyone loves to learn at SCCS!

Staff Professional Development

Since January, the teachers and most support staff at SCCS have been busy learning a few new strategies that can be used directly with the students in the classrooms.

In January, time was spent developing confidence with iPad apps for students requiring additional resource support and an appreciation of yoga as a mental health support. The apps that Laura Roy (who is related to a SCCS alumni) and Andrea Maginot, Consultants for Student Services Dept. of Manitoba Education introduced us to included:

Ipad Apps In February, the entire staff joined with the staff of all Catholic schools in Manitoba to celebrate Catholic Schools Day. The keynote was provided by Ken Yasinski, “What is the Purpose of my Life?”


And most recently, in March, teachers have been deepening their understanding of the “Power Teacher” program and focusing on data collection and analysis of data related to the Annual School Goals for 2014-2015.

It Makes “Cents” to Visit!

BASC students visit the Canadian Mint for March in-service day.

On Friday, March 13th, the students boarded a bus and made the long trek to the East side of the city where they were scheduled for a tour of the Canadian Mint. The first thing they saw in the lobby was a REAL gold brick. It was 23 pounds, worth 1/4 million and had a guard with it at all times!

Gold Bar

Then, the students went into the factory/production area. They were excited to see how coins were made and even saw a special new quarter with a red  flag on it, being made that day!

CentsThe students loved the interpretive displays. There was a large 2012 (the year they discontinued making the cent coin) penny with a cut-out that was a great photo opp.

Another fun display was the one where they could lift bricks of the same size, butWeights different weights. The students took turns pulling the bars.

They were quite surprised at how light the concrete and wood bricks were in comparison to the heavy gold.

At the end of the tour, each student received a souvenir ,  a special commemorative toonie.


Hunger Meal

A Reminder of the Value of Self-Sacrifice and Charity

Every Lent the students at SCCS “offer up” a luncheon meal as a sacrifice for hungry and needy children. In addition, on this day, a collection is made for the poor and distributed through the Missionary Childhood Association.

The students gather with their home room teacher in the classroom and while the Principal reads a reflection over the intercom, they eat only a bowl of soup and a bun. The meal is completed in silence.

The staff who are not assigned to a classroom gather as community in the staff room to do the same.

A long held tradition at SCCS, this simple act serves as a reminder of the value of self-sacrifice and of how the virtue of charity can take many forms.


Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord

May They Rest In Peace. Amen

Last month, SCCS received the news that two of our former school administrators passed away.

Click on image to view full picture.

Click on image to view full picture.

Sr. Hélène Sabourin served as school Principal from 1977-82. Her religious name was S. St. Hyacinthe.

Sr. Berthe Caron served as Principal from 1965-1971. Known as S. St. Martial, she has been the longest serving Principal in our school!

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. May they rest in peace. Amen.

If you have any memories of these, or any of our school alumni, we’d love to add them to our blog.


Lent and Adoration

For Lent, the staff and students spent time in Adoration. Each Friday, Fr. Paul brought the Blessed Sacrament to the music room where an altar and monstrance was arranged.

A service that included prayers related to the “Archdiocesan 100th Anniversary”, the “Year of the Consecrated” and the ” Prayer for SCCS” was prepared for the classes to use during their adoration time.


Always question, Always wonder

SCCS Science Fair

Science FairSt. Charles held its annual Science Fair on March 17th, 2015. The grades 6, 7, and 8 students all participated. There were a total of 33 projects submitted. Our judges were excellent and crossed a wide variety of fields from teaching and biology to engineering. Winners were the top three Experiments from each grade.

In grade 8, Meagan placed 1st for her project on “The Effect of Noise on Hand Eye Coordination”; in 2nd place was J.J. with his project looking at “Candles and Colour” and in 3rd was Brooklynn who looked at “Screen Time vs. Sleep Time”.

In grade 7, Keegan placed 1st for his experiment on “Drinks and Their Effect on Enamel”, Sandro placed 2nd with his experiment on ElectroMagnetic Pulses”, and Rosemund and Valandi tied for 3rd. Rosemund looked at “The Best Bird Food to Buy” and Valandi looked at “Which Cereal Stays Crunchiest in Milk”.

In grade 6, Anthony and Noah placed 1st for their project on “Mold”, in 2nd place was Eleni with her project looking at the “Nitrogen Cycle”, and in 3rd place was Keaton and Carson with their project on “Flight and Aerodynamics”.

The next step for some of these students will be the 44th Annual Manitoba School’s Science Symposium which takes place Thursday, April 23th – Sunday, April 26th, 2015 at the University of Manitoba Max Bell Centre.

Thank you to all the judges, teachers, and support staff for helping make the Science Fair happen and to the students for all their hard work.

O Canada!

SCCS Performs at FWSSC tournament

The FWSSC is a Hockey Canada sanctioned tournament. Top female hockey teams from Sport Schools across North America and Europe are invited to participate. The tournament is a showcase event, where Scouts come to prospect, highlighting elite female student- athletes.
This year students from SCCS performed the opening O Canada at the MTS Iceplex.