Winning Isn’t Everything,

But it sure is something to celebrate!

BB StPauls Tourni

The Boys’ Basketball team together with Coach Jeff Sutherland brought home the banner from the St. Pauls’ HS S.P.O.R.T. Basketball Tournament held last weekend.

3-2-1 Go Chargers!

Cieran O. was named the tournament’s MVP.

Thanks everyone who came out to support the team. The boys really appreciated it!

On Monday, the entire school shared in the excitement in an assembly during which the banner was proudly displayed.


An Offering of Ashes, an Offering to You

Ash Wednesday ashes

The students of SCCS have a long-held tradition regarding the ashes used at their Ash Wednesday services.

The week prior to Ash Wednesday, during religion class, they explore the ideas of Lent: prayer, repentance, self-sacrifice, self-discipline, almsgiving, etc. Then each student is asked to write down on a small slip of paper their personal intentions for the season. All papers are gathered up and burned creating ashes that can be incorporated into the palm ashes for Ash Wednesday.

AshWedThe student papers were burned at one of our owner parishes, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, during the Tuesday evening ceremony thanks to Mr. Thompson, member of the SCCS Board of Directors, Msgr. Comeault and Anna Thompson.

WE Rise again from ashes

The season of Lent begins

LentThe SCCS Ash Wednesday Mass was celebrated on February 18th by Fr. Paul Tinguely and was held at St. Charles Catholic Church.

The theme of the Mass was summed up in the introduction read by Ms. Baker:

God is a loving and forgiving Father.  When we stray He wants us back. We are called to remember that God loves us when we say sorry.  Today let us think about John the Baptist’s message to stop saying ‘No’ to God and to start saying ‘Yes’.

The intentions read by the students in Grade 3-4 included those found in Sr. Kelly’s book “Fifty Masses with Children”:

God our Father, we know you are always near, and that you never stop loving us, even when we turn away from you and do wrong.  We want to live in the Way of Jesus, and we ask your help, as we pray.

  1. Help us to live in the Way of Jesus, and to love, trust and go to you at all times.
  2. Help us to treat others well, and to be ready to share with them, whenever we can.
  3. Help us to tell the truth, and to be honest in all that we do and say.
  4. Help us to live in the Way of Jesus, and to be helpful and obliging, at home and at school.
  5. Help us to be thoughtful and kind, and to forgive, when others hurt and do wrong.

Now what?!

Post – 100 Days Celebrations

Many students got into the spirit last week after the Grades K-2 students completed their annual 100 Day celebrations.

100thBDMrs. Baker’s Grade 2 class created a bulletin board with the heading: “On My Hundredth Birthday I want to…..”

Each student in the class completed the sentence and added a picture of what they think they will look like when they are “old” thanks to an iPad app.

Mrs. Prettie’s Grade 4 class made posters for their bulletin board which had two columns: things I wish I had 100 of, and things I would not like to have 100 of…. such as bossy sisters!

SmarterMrs. Sherlock’s Grade 1 class wrote paragraphs completing the phrase: “Now that I am a 100 days smarter…”

Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras Pancakes

A Family tradition

On Tuesday, February 17th, the entire SCCS community was invited to partake in a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, sausages, juice and coffee.

PancakesThanks to volunteers Pam Lane and Kathy Everard, together with their group of dedicated cooks, everyone was greeted at school that morning by the smell of freshly made breakfast.

Much appreciation is also extended to the DeLuca family for donating the coffee pot and coffee and Linda Senderewich for donating the sausages.

All donations made by the many grateful consumers have been donated to the Holy Childhood Association.

That’s How We Roll!

K-2 Go Bowling

BowlingOn February 10th, the K-2 students celebrated Catholic Schools Week by spending time together, enjoying fellowship and community building at St. James Lanes. For many students, it was their first time glow bowling and it was great to see the older students helping out their younger peers. What a great witness in demonstrating kindness and love towards others.

The staff at St. James Lanes had everything set up for the afternoon of fun. Students enjoyed taking on funny screen names from classic kids shows, such as Barney and Dino. As they spent the afternoon bowling, students enjoyed a special treat of popcorn and drinks.

The staff and students are so grateful for our volunteers who helped make this event a huge success!

We have a lot to be proud of as a Catholic school family!

100 Day Celebration

The early years, K-2, students celebrated the 100th Day at school on Thursday, February 12th! The students enjoyed their day participating in a various activities based on the 100 theme. Some of the activities that the students completed were: The 100 Day Olympics; building with 100 items; making 100 Day glasses; doing puzzles with 100 pieces; The 100 Day Dance Party (there were certainly at least 100 different moves!); and, stringing 100 Fruit Loops onto a ribbon to make a necklace.

100 days

The afternoon was concluded with the movie, Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue in the gym. It was an awesome day!

Many thanks to the parent volunteers who were the key to a highly enjoyable, successful event. We are truly blessed with a supportive community at St. Charles Catholic School!

Let The Fun Begin

Especially At Camp!

Winter Camp Day 1

On Day 1, the Grade 7 and 8 students arrived at Camp and received a warm welcome from the director. They quickly arranged our cabins and got right down to business. Most of the day was spent in small groups participating in different activities, including: horseback riding, archery, outdoor survival skills/fire-making, and “Team Challenge,” which consisted of outdoor team building activities. The afternoon ended with some outdoor free-time in a variety of different locations such as: the skating rink, the toboggan hill, and the cross-country ski trails. Free time was tons of fun, as the temperature was just right, and a beautiful snowfall was happening. The day concluded with a sleigh ride through the camp grounds and a wiener roast by the bonfire! All in all, it was an awesome first day at Camp!


 Winter Camp Day 2

On Day 2, the students and staff awoke to a deep freeze with snow and ice crystals. It was a beautiful site to see with perfectly snow-covered trees and a family of deer even passed by the lodge for all to see up close.

There were three activities planned for the day. The first activity was a water colour painting and self-esteem portrait. The second activity was a theatre workshop on being “unplugged” from technology, and the third activity was a hands-on presentation by a member of the Winnipeg Police Canine Unit. Students learned about he role of canines in the police force, and observed the handler’s dog “Bailey” at work in locating narcotics planted by the officer. Students also got a special visit from “Zeus”, a six month old Belgian Malinois. During free time, students kept busy playing floor hockey and playing various games such as cards, foosball and pictionary. It was a fun, reflective and educational second day at Camp!


Winter Camp Day 3

The campers had a group of actors come in for day 3. They led the students in a variety of skits, but their main message was that technology can help solve problems. Later during the day everyone played Amazing Race. During the race teams had to complete a number of tasks, much like contestants on the show. Lastly it was time to pack and clean and head home.


Relationship Building

By having fun together

The SCCS community celebrated Catholic Schools Week from February 8-13. The theme of the week was “Catholic schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service”.

Catholic-Schools-WeekThe week began with a prayer ceremony that included giving thanks for this great school community and for the people who have throughout the ages and do currently to make it the wonderful place that it is.

Then, the fun began. The K-2 students went bowling, celebrated 100 days. The Grades 3-6 graciously accepted the fact that it was too cold for the outdoor field trip that was planned and happily spent a day of reading, watching movies, playing games and eating treats instead.

The Grades 7 and 8 students went off to winter camp for three days.

Grade 1 teacher Mrs. Sherlock summed up the week of events beautifully:

“Watching our students throughout the week was a validation that our students are wonderful examples of faith and leadership to our greater community. And that is part of what makes St. Charles Catholic Schools Week festivities memorable.”

On Friday when the students had the day off from school, the staff gathered at St. Mary’s Academy where they joined together with all the other Catholic schools in the city. The 500+ participants began the day with a Mass celebrated with Archbishop Gagnon.  Ken Yasinski was the keynote speaker on the theme of intentionality of living a Christ-centered life.

Bringing Joy to Others

One Note At a Time

The SCCS Violin Ambassadors completed a 2-day tour in Winnipeg during which they performed several full-length concerts, toured a violin-maker’s shop and experienced different cultures.

Group4Their 45 minute concert which included fiddle tunes, hymns and folk songs was performed at St. Boniface Hospital,Holy Family Nursing Home and Deer Lodge. At each venue, the students were excited that the audience members sang along with the familiar tunes, and tapped their toes in sheer joy. After all, the mission of the Violin Ambassadors is to “bring joy” to others. The grand finale for the concerts was when the students left the stage area and, as they played a tune, walked among the residents.

“Hi Dr. Penny, I would like to thank-you and the Violin Ambassadors for the wonderful concert.  The residents who attend were so delighted to see the students performing.  They had smiles on their face and were still humming the tunes as they were brought back to their units.  We were all happy to have the students perform for us.  They are welcomed back anytime.” Dulce Santos, Resident Care Standards and Allied Health Manager, Holy Family Nursing Home

The students had a great time chatting with Anton, a local luthier. Their visit to Anton’s Violin Shop on Portage answered many of their questions about how violins are made.

Group1And, of course, they had a great time eating at the East India Company buffet and DeLuca’s Pasta buffet!