Let Us Rejoice

You are precious in His eyes

Picture19The students and staff of SCCS were treated to a very special liturgical service this January. On January 15th, Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski came to celebrate a Ukrainian rite Mass with the school. Fr. Michael was assisted by Fr. Deacon Myron Tracz and four parishioners from Holy Eucharist.

In addition, several Ukrainian rite students and their parents joined the parishioners to form a choir and together they led those present through a liturgy that was part sung part spoken. Another Ukrainian rite student, Jack H. trained a buddy Josh G., and together they served as altar servers.

Fr. Michael began the service with a brief overview of what the participants would encounter including an explanation of the purpose of the petition “Lord, have mercy” and a description of Holy Communion bread. His sermon was a reflection on the theme for the Mass: People are precious. As one staff member said, “Fr. spoke so warmly and with such kindness during the sermon, that we truly felt precious in the eyes of God”.

The morning concluded with the choir singing “This is the day the Lord has made – let us rejoice and be glad in it!” An appropriate ending to a very special service!