Open House

Welcome to Our Community

On Tuesday, January 27th, we hosted our annual K-8 Open House. The gym was packed with interested families.

On the agenda was a performance by the Grade 4 violin students, presentations by students Sandro (Gr. 7) and Alyssa (Gr. 3), and grade level overviews by all the teachers.

Families who missed it are welcome to contact the school directly to arrange a tour – 204-837-1520.

Got Snow?

SCCS  Hits the Slopes

The Grades 6-8 students had the option of participating in a ski trip on the day following their January exams.

The students boarded a bus at 7:30 AM and traveled to the Holiday Mountain Ski Resort for a day of skiing, snowboarding and bonding!

Thank you, Ms. Ling, for organizing this event!


A Quiet Affair

Exam Week

Exam week was a quiet affair at SCCS, as everyone was trying extra hard to be quiet while the Middle Years students were writing. The students in Grades 6-8 wrote exams in Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Religion and Phys Ed.


Moving Forward

Our Grade 8 Boys Prepare for High School

St. Paul’s High School invited the Grade 8 boys to visit. A bus was sent for our students on January 9th. Together with Mrs. Milne, they travelled to SPHS to experience life at the school during school hours, meet some of the boys and to meet the admissions director.

Next steps for the SCCS graduates are writing the entrance exam, completing the application forms, and passing the interviews.

We are really proud of our boys, and have no doubt they will be successful in their choice of high school!

Let Us Rejoice

You are precious in His eyes

Picture19The students and staff of SCCS were treated to a very special liturgical service this January. On January 15th, Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski came to celebrate a Ukrainian rite Mass with the school. Fr. Michael was assisted by Fr. Deacon Myron Tracz and four parishioners from Holy Eucharist.

In addition, several Ukrainian rite students and their parents joined the parishioners to form a choir and together they led those present through a liturgy that was part sung part spoken. Another Ukrainian rite student, Jack H. trained a buddy Josh G., and together they served as altar servers.

Fr. Michael began the service with a brief overview of what the participants would encounter including an explanation of the purpose of the petition “Lord, have mercy” and a description of Holy Communion bread. His sermon was a reflection on the theme for the Mass: People are precious. As one staff member said, “Fr. spoke so warmly and with such kindness during the sermon, that we truly felt precious in the eyes of God”.

The morning concluded with the choir singing “This is the day the Lord has made – let us rejoice and be glad in it!” An appropriate ending to a very special service!


Raise the Roof Sky-High

“Inspiration in passionate playing” … amazing school field trip

The students returned to school on January 5th, and immediately on January 7th, all of the Grades 3-8 students went on a field trip to MTYP for a performance of Black Violin.

Kev Marcus and Wil B, aka Black Violin,

Kev Marcus and Wil B, aka Black Violin.

This classically trained hiphop duo from Florida played primarily violin during the performance, but at times switched to playing keyboard and singing.

The students were surprised when they entered the theater, to be told by the violinists that this was NOT a concert, but a party at which everyone was invited to dance and interact. Our students didn’t need a second invitation, and soon the entire group was moving to the beat, one way or another.

The mini-lessons sprinkled throughout the performance encouraged students to be the best versions of themselves. “”If you can take three things from this show, one would be Black Violin rocks. Two would be to think outside of the box and three would be to outwork everybody.”

SCCS students enjoying the party!

SCCS students enjoying the party!

The students returned to school and wrote about the experience, including warm notes of thanks and appreciation to the Board of Directors (Robyn Powell, Chair) for having provided them this incredible opportunity.