Christmas, A time For Giving

Ms. Booth-Smith and the Grade 3-4 Students/Leaders

In keeping with the giving spirit of this Christmas season, my class and I would like to initiate the collection of items for three hampers. We are asking that students bring in one non-perishable item from the list below, as soon as possible. Hamper items will then be collected from individual classrooms and sorted by my students to create two complete hampers. They will be delivered to three families in the city in time for Christmas Day. We are hoping for full participation of students in our school.

Thank you for demonstrating the true meaning of Christmas!


Ms. Booth-Smith and the Grade 3-4 Students/Leaders


K L/KR: $3.00 cash for turkey dinner

Gr. 1:   cereal, crackers, granola bars

Gr.1-2/2:  vegetables; sauces; soups

Gr.3:  fruit

Gr. 3-4:  toys/gifts

Gr.4: cookies, desserts

Gr. 5:  winter wear for boy ages 3 – 10

Gr.7: snacks

Gr 6: winter wear for girl  ages 3 -10

Gr. 8: treats

Staff: cash donations for other items/toys