Enrichment Term 1 Ends

…… but the learning experiences last a lifetime!

The Middle Years students participate in a variety of enrichment activities – a different one each term. Following are short descriptions of what the students learned this past term:

Outdoor Education with Mr. Sutherland:

This term, students have gone on several field trips. We have been to Fort Whyte Alive a number of times, learning about orientation, canoeing safety, and the links between animals and plants. We have also been to Keith Bodley Arena, where students learned how to play Broomball. The kids had lots of fun, and some slips and slides on the ice! We have one more trip to Heights Archery planned. The students are looking forward to learning how to safely use a bow.

Cooking with Ms. Smith:

In cooking we have talked about and practiced kitchen safety, how to read a recipe, and then have cooked or baked a variety of recipes from pancakes to muffins to cookies to mac and cheese.

Multicultural Events with Mrs. Narynski:

In Multicultural Events we have had so many opportunities to discover the many different cultures in our community!  We had a chance to create various crafts, like an African bowl and mosaic pictures. We’ve played some multicultural board games too. We enjoyed learning about the Philippines, and were able to enjoy a taste of their traditional dishes.  We learned about Japan and made our very own sushi!    Not only did we get to sample some yummy food, but we also learned so much about other cultures.  It’s definitely been a great learning experience this term! We will be taking a “trip” to Greece, next week, and the Ukraine, the very last week before Christmas.

Current Affairs with Mrs. Milne:

This term in Current Affairs, we discussed and learned about various news events on a Local, National and International level. We learned about the Ebola Virus, candidates for the Winnipeg Civic Election in October, represented our understanding of War and Terrorism in November, and are currently researching Manitoba charities and organizations with respect to the work they do during the Christmas season.

Guitar Class with Mr. Tyborowski:

In Rock Band class we have covered general rock history and evolution.  The students have learned basic drum, bass, and electric guitar technique and notation reading.  Students have had the opportunity to play together performing the song or riff that was focused on during that class.

iPad Apps Class with Mr. Isaak:

In our class we learnt how to use the following apps: Prezi, Kidblog, Snapseed, iMovie. For each of the above the purpose of our learning was to possibly supplement assignments from the classroom. Now the students are creating either a Prezi or a movie which is intended to teach a new user how to operate another app.