Thanks be to God!

Daily Mass


SCCS Altar Servers enjoying a special opportunity with Fr. Paul to learn more about Father’s vocation and the Mass.

The staff and students are being treated to intimate class Masses on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year, thanks to Fr. Paul.

The practice of having Masses at school began 5 years ago with Fr. Glofcheski. At first, masses were offered in the school chapel and then changed to the practice of celebrating Masses in classrooms. Staff, students and Pastor alike found these intimate settings to be highly rewarding and an opportunity to grow in community and faith. Even the altar servers were treated to a special Mass of their own after which they were able to have a Q & A session with Father about his vocation, parts of the Mass, symbolism, and a sharing of why they wanted to become altar servers!

Fr. Paul is using the book “Fifty Masses with Children” by Sister Francesca Kelly as he travels through the school. This book is also being used for school-wide Masses this year. Published in Ireland, it can be obtained through