Field Trip an Amazing Experience

Fort Whyte Field Trip, in our students’ own words:

by Jane

First, the grade threes went down to a room and learned about how an animal lives. Then, we went to an aquarium where we saw fish, fish, and more fish. We saw turtles too. Then, we went outside and learned about a type of tree that makes its’ own sunscreen. It is called the Aspen tree. Next, we went inside again and went into the touch museum. There were beavers, bears, snakes, birds, foxes and more. After, we went into a new room where there were burrow owls and prairie dogs. Fort Whyte was awesome!


by Simon

The thing that I learned was that prairie dogs can dig burrows and then they stop using them. Then, owls live in them. Also, the Arctic Wolf can camouflage itself in the snow. The Grey Tiger Salamander can camouflage in the dirt. The Baleen Whale can scoop up the fish with his mouth. The Bison can charge at the enemy with its horns. The Grey Wolf signs to show he is angry or happy. The Golden Eagle catches prey with its claws. The Cheetah catches its prey in the desert. I learned a lot!

ftwhyte by Brett

At Fort Whtye we first learned the rules. One rule was to respect the plants and animals. We learned that if too many trees were cut down, it would affect the food web because the animals that live in the trees would die and the animals that eat them would die and so on. Then we saw the prairie dogs and burrowing owls and learned that burrowing owls take the abandoned burrows. We also learned bears are not true hibernators. After that, we petted many types of animal fur, like buffalo fur. We discovered that Aspen trees have sunscreen that protects them. We also looked at miniature figurines of farms. Did you know that bears are called super-nappers? That is my article about Fort Whyte.

by Mikaela

At Fort Whyte, I noticed that when someone litters the lake, the ducks will die. I saw so many foxes and other animals, too. There were lots of trees, and two trees were growing crisscross. Did you know that there are trees called Aspens? Aspen is like sunscreen but for the tree in winter. That is what our instructor said. I saw prairie dogs and their habitat has many bedrooms plus a nursery room for babies. I like Fort Whyte because there was a touch museum, where I touched a red fox. It was so soft! Have you ever touched a bison before? Well, I have. Why is the red fox so soft? When you go there, you will find out and have fun, too.