Social Emotional Learning

Building that Teacher’s Tool-Box

On Friday, November 28th, all of the Teachers, Administrators, and Educational Assistants attended the Manitoba Federation of Independent School’s Educators Conference. With over 360 persons present, most of the 52 independent schools in Manitoba were represented at this bi-annual conference held at the Victoria Inn.

Dr. Anne Penny, Chair of the Education Committee and member of the MFIS Board of Directors, was the facilitator for the event.

The presenter for the day was Dr. Shelley Hymel.

The day was subdivided into 4 sessions, including:

Session 1 What We Know About School Bullying
Session 2 Bullying As  Group Phenomenon
Session 3 Bullying As Part Of Social-Emotional Learning
Session 4 So What Can I Do Now?

Dr. Hymel, a member of the UBC Faculty of Education, is the foremost Canadian researcher into school bullying. Her research, experience and passion has been instrumental in facilitating positive change in school policies and practices throughout the country. Please see for more information about Dr. Hymel.

Social Emotional learningThe SCCS staff left the event feeling affirmed, because of the direction our school community has already taken to ensure student safety, and motivated to try even more going forward. In 2012, the staff developed a Safe and Caring School Committee whose purpose is to gather and review student perspectives on their own safety and well-being, and with that information develop practices that supported all students. Once again, armed with current research into best practices, the staff is excited to explore new ideas learned from the conference.

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