Fun, Friends, Focus and Freebies

Kinder Fair a Success

The 4th Annual SCCS Kinder Fair was held on Wednesday, November 26th.

The evening started off with a rousing rendition by several Grade 3 students (Ms. Rivera’s class) of “Why I love SCCS” replete with dramatic delivery followed by all of the Grade 3 students performing a special arrangement of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

The “stars” of the evening were the Kinder applicants themselves as they travelled to various stations exploring literacy, numeracy, gross motor skills and phonemics with SCCS early years staff and clinicians. When they had completed the rotation, the children gathered in the gym for play time while the adults settled in to learn more about the programming from the teachers and administration.

All families left with information packages about the school, and a welcome package for each Kinder-ready child present.

For more information about the SCCS Kindergarten program, please contact