Happy St. Charles’s Day!

A Feast and a Celebration

, the students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat

The students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, the school celebrated its Patron Saint, St. Charles Borromeo. This annual event is an opportunity for the school community to reflect, celebrate and grow together.

The day began with the entire school crossing the street to participate in a Mass. The celebrant was Fr. Paul, Pastor of St. Charles Parish, and the theme was “Celebrating our patron, Like St. Charles Borromeo – We Care For Each Other”. Mrs. Froystad called together the congregation with her opening remarks:

“Today is a great celebration for us—it is the feast of our patron, Saint Charles Borromeo.  In his biography we read, “Saint Charles thought only of caring for his people.  This great man was never too busy to help simple people…”  Our theme for today’s Mass, We Care for Each Other, expresses our desire to follow the example of our patron.  During this Eucharistic celebration, let us ask Jesus to help us always be kind and caring.”

Immediately, the church broke into song. The student choir, together with soloists Liisa and Alyssa, accompanied by the Violin Ambassadors and the music teachers, led those gathered in a powerful rendition of “The Summons”. The processional was a significant one, as it included all 18 of the school altar servers in Grades 3-5.

The Gospel shared the story of the Good Samaritan. Fr. Paul in his sermon drew parallels between the actions of the Good Samaritan and St. Charles. He pointed out to the students that in both cases, “bending” was observed. “The Good Samaritan bent down to help someone in need…St. Charles bent his knees in prayer and bent his heart toward God”. Fr. Paul invited all present to learn to “bend”, too, in heart, mind and in body for the greater glory of God. He also encouraged everyone to bend to help those in need – those who need a kindness, or a helping hand.

The Grade 8 students prepared the intentions which included prayers for the school, those in need, and everyone in the community.

The gifts were carried up by student representatives in Grades K-8.

“We bring a picture of St. Charles Borromeo, our patron saint as a symbol of our desire to follow his example in spreading the Good News, in being kind and caring. 

We now bring a Bible as a sign that Jesus teaches how to love, how to be kind and caring.

We also bring up an HCA poster, clothes for kids, and our anti-bullying pledge as symbols of our efforts to care for each other and for the less fortunate of the world.

We now bring bread, water and wine, the work of our hands and the fruit of the vine.  They will become the Body and Blood of Christ.”

The Mass concluded with one of the students’ favorite hymns “Good News” and the students returned to school for the rest of the day.

Later that afternoon, the students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat. Grandparents Helen and Albert Adamkowicz joined with Dr. Penny to cut up the cake and Fr. Paul dished out the ice cream.

All in all – a terrific day!