Social Emotional Learning

Building that Teacher’s Tool-Box

On Friday, November 28th, all of the Teachers, Administrators, and Educational Assistants attended the Manitoba Federation of Independent School’s Educators Conference. With over 360 persons present, most of the 52 independent schools in Manitoba were represented at this bi-annual conference held at the Victoria Inn.

Dr. Anne Penny, Chair of the Education Committee and member of the MFIS Board of Directors, was the facilitator for the event.

The presenter for the day was Dr. Shelley Hymel.

The day was subdivided into 4 sessions, including:

Session 1 What We Know About School Bullying
Session 2 Bullying As  Group Phenomenon
Session 3 Bullying As Part Of Social-Emotional Learning
Session 4 So What Can I Do Now?

Dr. Hymel, a member of the UBC Faculty of Education, is the foremost Canadian researcher into school bullying. Her research, experience and passion has been instrumental in facilitating positive change in school policies and practices throughout the country. Please see for more information about Dr. Hymel.

Social Emotional learningThe SCCS staff left the event feeling affirmed, because of the direction our school community has already taken to ensure student safety, and motivated to try even more going forward. In 2012, the staff developed a Safe and Caring School Committee whose purpose is to gather and review student perspectives on their own safety and well-being, and with that information develop practices that supported all students. Once again, armed with current research into best practices, the staff is excited to explore new ideas learned from the conference.

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Fun, Friends, Focus and Freebies

Kinder Fair a Success

The 4th Annual SCCS Kinder Fair was held on Wednesday, November 26th.

The evening started off with a rousing rendition by several Grade 3 students (Ms. Rivera’s class) of “Why I love SCCS” replete with dramatic delivery followed by all of the Grade 3 students performing a special arrangement of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

The “stars” of the evening were the Kinder applicants themselves as they travelled to various stations exploring literacy, numeracy, gross motor skills and phonemics with SCCS early years staff and clinicians. When they had completed the rotation, the children gathered in the gym for play time while the adults settled in to learn more about the programming from the teachers and administration.

All families left with information packages about the school, and a welcome package for each Kinder-ready child present.

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Door-to-Door Campaign



The Marketing Committee sponsored a new door-to-door campaign to increase awareness of SCCS.

 Armed with “door knockers” created by Tim Phillipi, families have been invited to canvass neighborhoods and friends and family.

For more information about this campaign, or to become involved with the Marketing Committee, please contact the office at


Praying the Divine Office with the Archbishop

Staff Faith Development Program Travels to the Archdiocesan Offices

PowerPrayerOn November 20th, the staff of SCCS visited the Archdiocesan Offices, the hub of the Archdiocese of Winnipeg. His Grace, Archbishop Richard Gagnon, led the 25 adult educators through a dialogue about the power of prayer. After sharing an overview of what prayer is, how Christian prayer differs from other faiths and offering some concrete examples, His Grace then led the group into the Chapel and together we prayed the Divine Office.

The afternoon ended with a tour of the facility led by Robert Praznik, Director of Education.

Throughout the year, the staff will be visiting various locations within the Archdiocese and experiencing the different prayers styles offered within the charisms of the religious institutions. Our next trip will be to visit St. Mary’s Academy where we will be introduced to the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Playing for Perogies

Violin Ambassadors Perform for Holy Eucharist Perogy Makers

VAs2On Thursday, November 20th, the SCCS Violin Ambassadors took  the “show on the road” for their first full-length concert of the year. Every year in November, the VAs travel to a church in East Kildonan to perform for the crew that makes perogies as a fundraiser for the Church.

These hearty parishioners began their perogy making duties at 6:00 AM that morning and were just thrilled to have our students play a variety of tunes during their mid-morning break!

Once the students finished performing crowd favorites such as “Merry Widow Waltz”, “Long, Long Ago”, “Hungarian Dance #5”, and the “Blue Bells of Scotland”, they shifted into a set of Christmas carols including “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Huron Carol”. Some audience members were so caught up in the moment that they swung into a waltz pattern – right there in the middle of the auditorium while the students were playing!

The performance ended with a rousing rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, which summed up the positive vibe in the auditorium perfectly.

The students were treated to a lovely luncheon, and then they were invited to learn to make perogies alongside the pros. Soon after, the students boarded the bus carrying samples of HE perogies which were very much appreciated by the students and their families.

We look forward to visiting you again in 2015! But before then, we have a year’s worth of performances to experience. Hope you can join us at one of them!

Student Cyber Safety

Constable Rochon Spends Time With Grade 6-8 Students

What has become an annual event at SCCS, has led to a greater understanding of community as  Constable Rochon visited the Middle Years students to discuss cyber safety. The students viewed a PowerPoint by the Winnipeg Police School Liaison Officer, Constable Mitch Rochon, then had an open question and answer period.

Online Safety:  Grades 4-10 – The focus of this presentation is to engage students in learning about online behaviour and the related dangers including social, emotional and physical risks.  We will also provide information on consequences of their actions as well as the resources to assist them should they require.  Topics include but are not limited to, social media utilization, self-exploitation and harm reduction.

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Bring Your Lunch

Noon Hour Events Wednesdays and Thursdays

Come out to the Carol Shields Auditorium, 2nd floor Millennium Library Thursday, December 4th and enjoy a Holiday Concert by our very own SCCS Violin Ambassadors.

Bring your lunch and be informed and entertained by the ‘Skywalk series of noon-hour events! Wednesdays feature thought-provoking lectures from some of the University of Winnipeg’s best professors. Thursdays bring you concerts by an eclectic assortment of local musical performers.’ Brought to you by the Winnipeg Public Library, the University of Winnipeg, and Virtuosi Concerts.

VA Skywalk 2014-12-04

Vision and Hearing Screening

Working together as a community

Vision Hearing

The Kindergarten families were invited to participate in a Vision and Hearing screening held at the school. Organized by Mrs. Gillis-May, Resource Assistant, several staff and parent volunteers were commissioned to screen each Kindergarten student’s aural and visual abilities. The purpose is to identify those who may have a hearing or vision problem that could interfere with their school progress.

Happy St. Charles’s Day!

A Feast and a Celebration

, the students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat

The students were treated to cake and ice cream – a special St. Charles Feast Day treat

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, the school celebrated its Patron Saint, St. Charles Borromeo. This annual event is an opportunity for the school community to reflect, celebrate and grow together.

The day began with the entire school crossing the street to participate in a Mass. The celebrant was Fr. Paul, Pastor of St. Charles Parish, and the theme was “Celebrating our patron, Like St. Charles Borromeo – We Care For Each Other”. Mrs. Froystad called together the congregation with her opening remarks:

“Today is a great celebration for us—it is the feast of our patron, Saint Charles Borromeo.  In his biography we read, “Saint Charles thought only of caring for his people.  This great man was never too busy to help simple people…”  Our theme for today’s Mass, We Care for Each Other, expresses our desire to follow the example of our patron.  During this Eucharistic celebration, let us ask Jesus to help us always be kind and caring.”

Immediately, the church broke into song. The student choir, together with soloists Liisa and Alyssa, accompanied by the Violin Ambassadors and the music teachers, led those gathered in a powerful rendition of “The Summons”. The processional was a significant one, as it included all 18 of the school altar servers in Grades 3-5. Continue reading

Parent Teacher Interviews/ Scholastic Book Fair

Yes, Parents/Grandparents are the Primary Educators!


Parent Teacher interviews were held on October 30 and 31st. During these sessions between parents and teachers, each child was discussed in terms of strengths goals for future development.  The teaching area specialists and the Middle Years teachers held their sessions in the lower gym, while the K-5 teachers held them in their classrooms surrounded by student work samples.

While parents were meeting with teachers, many of the students spent the time in the School Book Fair which was set up in the school cafeteria. Surrounded by over 300 books with titles to excite students of all ages (even parents) the evening flew by!