Christian Service Day

Annual event enables SCCS to “give back” to the community


Each year on the last Friday of September, the students and staff of St. Charles participate in Christian Service projects that give directly back to the local community. 2014 marks the third annual event for the school community.

The concept came about in response to a desire by staff for students to actively participate in service projects and to develop a dynamic sense of social justice. Christian Service Day, sparked simply by an idea brought forth by Mrs. Ashley Milne during brainstorming at a staff meeting, fulfills both of these goals. An added bonus to CSD events, according to Kathy Booth-Smith, Grade 3 teacher, is that “students learn that real social justice begins ‘at home’ in the local community”!


This year, the classes served as follows:

  • Kinders created gifts for seniors in our parishes
  • Grades 1-3 attended events at Manitoba Cultural Days and learned a new song to share with others
  • Grade 3-4  cleaned the school yard
  • Grade 4 served Charles Catholic Church by peeling potatoes for their annual Fall supper, washing daycare toys, polishing pews and banisters
  • Grade 5 served at OLPH with stuffing envelopes and cleaning pews
  • Grade 6 served at Winnipeg Harvest where they sorted potatoes
  • Grade 7 served at Saint John XXIII by cleaning the church
  • Grade 8 served at Siloam Mission where they packaged cutlery
  • That afternoon, all students participated in the Terry Fox fundraising assembly and walk