Jr Crew Sports Camp

SCCS learns great sportsmanship from the best!

In 2013, Tommy Semchyshyn visited with the Catholic school principals. A grade 10 student at St. Paul’s High School, he made a proposal for the Catholic elementary schools that SCCS just could not pass up. Tommy said that the best athletes that SPHS and St. Mary’s Academy have to offer, would be willing to come every Saturday morning to SCCS to run a sports camp – for free! Tommy named the project Jr. Crew Sports Camps and sent out registrations to the school families.


“As part of our Christian Service Program at St. Paul’s we are required to volunteer our time and talents, and last year I developed a camp for kids that was run out of St. Emile School to do just that.” Tommy said at the orientation session. ” Our student leaders are some of the top athletes at St. Paul’s and St. Mary’s. For example, I am the QB for St. Paul’s AAA football team, as well as playing on the St. Paul’s Basketball team. I am also a member of the Junior Bison Basketball team and I have competed in the USA for both basketball and football. I was also a member of the Provincial Flag Football team last summer. In addition we have athletes that play both on their high school teams as well as on provincial teams. Trevor Wright, for example, is arguably the best football player his age in the province. Also when we do a sport in which we do not have the expertise, we bring in top athletes in their fields who can enhance the experience for camp attendees.”

After months of planning, last Saturday was the first Camp session for SCCS students. The youngsters arrived early and were positively delighted to stand side-by-side with their high school role models! Extra special was the fact that the lead coach for the program at SCCS was none other than Cameron O., a SCCS alumni! Towering over the little elementary students, he added to the level of “family-like” atmosphere that makes SCCS such a warm and welcoming place for children.

During the three hour practice, students learned some new games for developing teamwork skills and spent time being coached on traditional sports, such as badminton and volleyball.

If this camp is of interest to your child, please contact Tommy Semchyshyn directly at tommysemchyshyn@gmail.com.

Christian Service Day

Annual event enables SCCS to “give back” to the community


Each year on the last Friday of September, the students and staff of St. Charles participate in Christian Service projects that give directly back to the local community. 2014 marks the third annual event for the school community.

The concept came about in response to a desire by staff for students to actively participate in service projects and to develop a dynamic sense of social justice. Christian Service Day, sparked simply by an idea brought forth by Mrs. Ashley Milne during brainstorming at a staff meeting, fulfills both of these goals. An added bonus to CSD events, according to Kathy Booth-Smith, Grade 3 teacher, is that “students learn that real social justice begins ‘at home’ in the local community”!

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