Developing a Personal Relationship with Jesus

SCCS students make time to get to “Know Him”

Grade 8 Retreat St. Malo: “Our Personal Relationship With Jesus”

Grade 8 Retreat St. Malo: “Our Personal Relationship With Jesus”

On Friday, October 24th, the Gr. 8 Religion class bussed to the little town of St. Malo for their annual retreat held at the Catholic School of Evangelization.

The theme chosen for the retreat this year was “Our Personal Relationship With Jesus”.  This theme was selected because of its ability to provide a foundation for ongoing reflection by the Grade 8 students throughout the school year and will serve as the central theme for the Grade 8 Farewell Mass.

Upon arriving at St. Malo, the students from SCCS were warmly welcomed by young adult missionaries and high school volunteers, all members of the Catholic Outreach Team.

The following excerpts describe the overall experience in the students’ own words:

“They welcomed us, and after putting away all of our belongings, we split into small groups and were assigned a group leader. Lots of sharing went on in these groups, then we met back in the chapel area. In the chapel, we shared information, sang songs, and this set the tone for our day. After some more small group sharing, we headed over to the church, which was absolutely beautiful! There we sang more songs, listened to different speakers, had a meditation period, and then it was time for lunch!”

“After lunch, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and some team-building activities. Back in the chapel, we discussed our relationship with Jesus on a more serious level. Our final activity was a lot of fun because we got to go back outside and do some role-playing skits. We didn’t realize how many actors and actresses we have in our class!”

“Overall, it was a great day, with some good learning/sharing of experiences.”

Any family wishing for more information about student retreats coordinated by the Catholic School of Evangelization are encouraged to contact the coordinator Amber at or to check the website at

2014 marks only the second year that the senior SCCS students travelled to St. Malo. In the past, student retreats have been held at the St. Charles Retreat Center, at St. Charles Church and at the school.

Growing in Faith, Together with the “Good Shepherd”


Staff Faith Development Program

On October 23rd, the staff of SCCS visited the Atrium at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church where the catechesis of the Good Shepherd is offered. Maureen, the parish catechetical coordinator, gently led the 25 adult educators through the parable of the Good Shepherd, using  little figurines, and biblical readings in the style used with children between the ages of 3-6. Then the group was invited to explore the centers available throughout the atrium, including a diorama of the Sea of Galilee, a little prayer corner, and a child-sized altar, complete with vessels and vestments.

This catechesis style was developed by Sofia Cavalletti and her Montessori collaborator, Gianna Gobbi, in Rome in the 1950’s. It has been offered in various parishes in both the Winnipeg and St. Boniface Archdiocese.

Every year, the staff at SCCS take the time to develop their own faith. This year the focus by staff is the development of personal prayer lives. At the induction ceremony at the first school Mass, each staff member received a copy of “With Open Hands” by Henri Nouwen. This little pocket primer begins with the story of a woman learning to shift from living with clenched fists to living with open hands – a concept on which the staff will be reflecting throughout 2014-2015.

Throughout the year, the staff will be visiting various locations within the Archdiocese and experiencing the different prayers styles offered within the charisms of the religious institutions.

Grade 2 Friendship Celebration

Learning to be Friends “in” Jesus


The annual Grade 2 Friendship Celebration was held on October 22nd with students and families of the Grades 2 and 1-2 classes present. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Langlois coordinated the event which included songs, actions, and individual student prayers. The morning celebration concluded with crafts and refreshments in the cafeteria.

Grade 4 Bible Retreat

BibleRetreatLearning to “know God”  †   Learning to “love Him”  †   Learning to “serve Him”

The annual SCCS Grade 4 Bible Retreat was held on October 8th and the formal Bible Celebration was held on October 9th.

Students of Mrs. Booth-Smith and Mrs. Prettie joined together to prepare for the awesome gift of the Word of God through prayer, community, and reflection. Continue reading

Jr Crew Sports Camp

SCCS learns great sportsmanship from the best!

In 2013, Tommy Semchyshyn visited with the Catholic school principals. A grade 10 student at St. Paul’s High School, he made a proposal for the Catholic elementary schools that SCCS just could not pass up. Tommy said that the best athletes that SPHS and St. Mary’s Academy have to offer, would be willing to come every Saturday morning to SCCS to run a sports camp – for free! Tommy named the project Jr. Crew Sports Camps and sent out registrations to the school families.


“As part of our Christian Service Program at St. Paul’s we are required to volunteer our time and talents, and last year I developed a camp for kids that was run out of St. Emile School to do just that.” Tommy said at the orientation session. ” Our student leaders are some of the top athletes at St. Paul’s and St. Mary’s. For example, I am the QB for St. Paul’s AAA football team, as well as playing on the St. Paul’s Basketball team. I am also a member of the Junior Bison Basketball team and I have competed in the USA for both basketball and football. I was also a member of the Provincial Flag Football team last summer. In addition we have athletes that play both on their high school teams as well as on provincial teams. Trevor Wright, for example, is arguably the best football player his age in the province. Also when we do a sport in which we do not have the expertise, we bring in top athletes in their fields who can enhance the experience for camp attendees.”

After months of planning, last Saturday was the first Camp session for SCCS students. The youngsters arrived early and were positively delighted to stand side-by-side with their high school role models! Extra special was the fact that the lead coach for the program at SCCS was none other than Cameron O., a SCCS alumni! Towering over the little elementary students, he added to the level of “family-like” atmosphere that makes SCCS such a warm and welcoming place for children.

During the three hour practice, students learned some new games for developing teamwork skills and spent time being coached on traditional sports, such as badminton and volleyball.

If this camp is of interest to your child, please contact Tommy Semchyshyn directly at

Christian Service Day

Annual event enables SCCS to “give back” to the community


Each year on the last Friday of September, the students and staff of St. Charles participate in Christian Service projects that give directly back to the local community. 2014 marks the third annual event for the school community.

The concept came about in response to a desire by staff for students to actively participate in service projects and to develop a dynamic sense of social justice. Christian Service Day, sparked simply by an idea brought forth by Mrs. Ashley Milne during brainstorming at a staff meeting, fulfills both of these goals. An added bonus to CSD events, according to Kathy Booth-Smith, Grade 3 teacher, is that “students learn that real social justice begins ‘at home’ in the local community”!

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Missionary Childhood Association Assembly

SCCS Enrolled in Papal Missionary Society

On Friday, October 3rd, the students of SCCS participated in the annual Missionary Childhood Association Assembly which is celebrated near the feast of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, patron saint of missionaries.

” The Missionary Childhood Association is one of the four Pontifical Mission Societies and is active in 110 countries throughout the world. The goal of MCA is to gather prayers and financial support for children in mission countries, while at the same time animating a missionary spirit and inviting all children to help spread the Good News of Jesus to other children around the world. MCA endeavors to attain its ends through the united efforts of all Catholic children who are taught to recognize that sensitivity to others is an essential dimension of Christianity. MCA’s motto of “Children Helping Children” continues to guide the program today.

MCA’s membership is made up of students from Catholic elementary schools, parish schools of religion, and home-schooled children. These students take part in many activities throughout the year that foster their education and awareness of the missionary nature of the Church.”

Mrs Narynski, Vice Principal, couldn’t say enough positive things about the students who prepared the assembly. “The formal presentation was led by the Gr.7 Class, all of whom demonstrated wonderful leadership!”

Students learned about the Missionary Childhood Association and Ghana, the country of focus for 2014.

Students learned about the Missionary Childhood Association and Ghana, the country of focus for 2014.

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