BASC “switches” it up!

New computer stations located in the Before and After School Program

New computer stations located in the Before and After School Program

The SCCS BASC program is a perfect example of how programming at St. Charles reflects the synergy that exists between the school administration, families and the Board of Directors. In 2007 when the BASC program began at SCCS, the vision was for a setting where students would have the opportunity to complete homework, socialize and learn in a safe, fun environment.

“I remember it like yesterday”, says Dr. Penny. “It was my second week at SCCS, and we had an early dismissal scheduled for that afternoon. Right after lunch, it was brought to my attention that the structure of Academy Kids Daycare had changed over the summer, and that they could no longer provide after school care for our students. It was a shock when I heard that. A few dozen families were counting on having child care that day, and the dismissal bell was set to ring in less than an hour. The Chair of the Board, Anne-Marie Ford, was standing in the office and overheard the conversation. Within 20 minutes, we had Board approval for funding and we had found a staff member willing to take on the task of running an After School Program. And thus, in a matter of moments one of the signature school programs, BASC, was founded!”

The program has evolved over the years. Today it services approximately 80 students daily, and the hours have been extended to as early as 7:00 AM and as late as 6:00 PM. While the convenience is very much appreciated by the school families, the beauty of the SCCS program is its diversity. Rooted in the SCCS philosophy that teachers teach best when they teach to their specializations, each after school program is taught by a specialist. Programs include tennis and golf taught by the pros from Glendale Golf and Country Club, Kung Fu taught by instructors from Plum Blossom Kung Fu Studio, and Irish Dance classes taught by Phil Brady himself. A detailed list of current programs available can be found on the SCCS website.

The most recent development in the BASC program is the installation of desktop computer stations. These have been provided to support the Middle Years students who need access to technology to complete homework assignments.

For more information about BASC, please contact the coordinator, Kim Furutani at