SCCS “Meet the Teacher”

The 2014 Annual “Meet the Teacher “ was held on Sept. 18th. The attendance was fantastic – with every seat taken and limited standing room only left available in the gym. The evening began with a welcome on behalf of the Corporate Board by Msgr. Comeault. Robyn Powell, Chair of the SCCS Board of Directors, shared a report that reflected all the accomplishments of the school in the previous year. Imbedded in her report was a financial report given by Athena Dinos, SCCS Comptroller. The second portion of Ms. Powell’s report outlined what was in the future plans of the school including a capital campaign to solve the challenges of an aging building. Many people were surprised to hear that the Board had reviewed a building assessment conducted by engineers last year that indicated SCCS has three options: (simplified) rebuild, renovate or relocate. Mrs. Tammy Narynski, School Vice-Principal, reviewed the annual school goals (please see earlier blog article for more details). The portion held in the gym concluded with the entire group reciting the school’s prayer for 2014.

Parents then relocated to Grade Level presentations, and chose among a K-2, 3-5 or 6-8 session. At each session the teachers took the opportunity to introduce themselves and some of the unique characteristics of their grade levels. Many giggles were heard as teachers shared some of the notions students have regarding appropriate uniform accessories and supply list requirements!

By shortly after 7:00, everyone was in the cafeteria socializing and chatting. Some comments made that evening included:

“I appreciated that we were able to spend more time speaking with parents this year.”  – Teacher

“I love Meet the Teacher! It’s a great opportunity to meet teachers and parents.”  – Parent

“I liked the informality – it made the evening very enjoyable.”  – Teacher

“I met so many new parents this evening. Usually we only have time to chat with people we already know.”  – Parent

A pizza lunch was promised to the class who had the most parents represented at the event. Congratulations to Grade 3!