SCCS celebrates annual Health Weeks September 15 – 26

K students practice effective hand washing and safe coughing techniques.

K students practice effective hand washing and safe coughing techniques.

The health and safety of the members of our community is an ongoing concern. As a school we have made a commitment to focus on healthy practices and routines early in the year. To this end, we have set aside two weeks every September to review healthy practices. Topics covered include:

Wash Your Hands – Throughout the weeks, students review effective hand-washing techniques and community expectations.

Cover Your Mouth – Proper protocols with regard to coughing are reinforced throughout the weeks.

Nutrition – As students eat lunches and several snacks daily, healthy eating practices are discussed and encouraged.

Transmission –Everyone is asked to take this opportunity to review/learn how disease is transmitted and how we can prevent others from getting sick. Parents are encouraged to review the information on the school website for more information (

Keep your hands away from your mouth or objects. Students, especially younger students, are strongly encouraged to exercise caution.

Grade 1-2 learns coughing techniques.

Grade 1-2 learns coughing techniques and how it helps keep us all healthy.

Throughout both weeks, teachers will be addressing these topics in classes. Each class will develop a healthy lifestyle routine that includes scheduled opportunities for hand-washing throughout the day. If you have any questions about the material being covered, please speak with a teacher.