FIRST MASS of the Year

On Sept. 16th, the entire school gathered at St. Charles Catholic Church for our school mass. School Masses are student-led, and prove to be exciting opportunities for students to share their gifts in meaningful ways.Mass1

The choir was comprised of students in Grades 3-5. Musical accompaniment was provided by Grade 7 violin students and the music teachers. The cantors, who were Grade 7 students, confidently sang the responsorial psalm in its entirety and the led the community with the refrain. Grade 5 students were responsible for training the Grade 4 students who served as altar servers. All of the grades contributed to the explanation of the gifts, carrying of the gifts (which included a football, dancing slippers and drum to represent how each vocation can lend to being great for God), and the prayers of the faithful, including:

  1. Mary was obedient and did what God asked her to do. Help us to be great and to do what we are told. Lord hear us. R
  2. St. Veronica was kind to Jesus on the way to Calvary. Help us to be great and to be kind and loving. Lord hear us. R
  3. St. Bernadette loved Mary and prayed to her often. Help us to be great and to love Mary our Mother. Lord hear us. R
  4. St. Paul was quick to forgive his enemies. Help us to be great and to forgive like him. Lord hear us. R
  5. St. Vincent cared for the sick and the poor. Help us to be great, to comfort the sick and help the poor. Lord hear us. R
  6. The saints spent long hours praying. Help us to be great and to pray often. Lord hear us. R

Msgr Comeault, Corporate Chair, was the celebrant and throughout the homily and his prayers, encouraged the school community to go out and bring God to others. He said that we are all called to be saints, and each one of us has a very important role to play.

The Mass culminated with the Commissioning of Staff. Dr. Penny invited each staff member (including teachers, office staff, support staff and educational assistants) forward. As a group the entire staff, standing in front of all the students made the following promises:

Called to assist in the Church’s mission of education here at St. Charles Catholic School:

  • We will view our students as created and gifted in God’s image.
  • We will strive to create the best possible teaching/learning environment where our students will be challenged on a temporal and spiritual level to strive for excellence, quest for knowledge and see God’s creative presence in all things.
  • We will make visible to the broader community the presence of the Holy Spirit through our school’s welcoming nature, commitment to service and our desire to live out Gospel values.

The students responded with a rousing rendition of “We Believe” as the teachers returned to their seats and the recessional began.