School has Started …… It’s great to be back!

On Wednesday, September 3rd, the Grades 1-8 students had their first full day of school.

Blog04_09The annual Opening Prayer Service was led by the school Principal, Dr. Penny, and actively supported by the Grade 8 students who read and carried up the gifts. Throughout the service, the school was treated to music accompaniment provided by the teachers including Mrs. Sherlock (voice), Mrs. Reynolds (voice), Mr. Racaru (violin), Mrs. Lalonde (clarinet) and Mrs. Langlois (piano). The service concluded on a strong positive note when Msgr. Comeault, the Corporate Board Chair, spoke to the parable of the “seed that fell on fertile ground” and blessed the community as it begins a new year. Immediately after the service, a general assembly led by Mrs. Narynski was held during which the teachers were introduced to all the students, and the school goals and uniform pride expectations were reviewed.